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Why study in Dublin?

Why come here to study Italian?

For students from overseas, it might seem strange to come to Dublin in order to study Italian. Would it not be simpler to go straight to Italy? However, there are several good reasons for choosing Ireland as a starting-point, whether you are thinking of a year abroad or a full degree course.

If you already know English, it is good to be taught Italian by teachers who take account of your existing language background. Our teachers are from both English-language and Italian-language backgrounds, but the Italian members of the teaching staff are very well acquainted with the specific needs of non-Italian learners.

The Irish university education system is well organised, and in Trinity College you will receive regular teaching, a disciplined programme of learning, and access to good library and computer facilities, as well as the resources of the Centre for Language and Communication Studies.

Italian can be combined with another subject that will enhance your learning experience: everything from Classical Civilisation to Film Studies. In addition, there is a wide range of options even within the Italian course.

We take complete beginners and bring them up to a very advanced level (provided, of course, that they have some language aptitude and are prepared to work hard!).

Trinity College Dublin has a centuries-old tradition of learning, and a vibrant student community with a wide range of societies and activities. The Trinity experience is not confined to one course or department.

We have a well-established tradition of pastoral care, whereby students' interests are protected by personal tutors.

Our campus is a place of great visual and historical interest. Student life is friendly and stimulating. And then there is the city. Dublin is one of Europe's most engaging capitals, with a wide range of entertainment and a well developed cultural life , including famous theatres, galleries, museums, a good concert hall and numerous pubs and cafés. Trinity is right in the middle of the city, close to Grafton Street, the river Liffey and Temple Bar. It is easy to visit many other European destinations from Dublin. Among other airlines, the two Irish carriers Aer Lingus and Ryanair are now offering a vast network of European routes at much lower fares than were available in the past.

We require you to go to Italy for two months during your degree course, and many students go for longer. This works best when you already have a solid platform of competence in Italian on which to build.


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