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Clodagh Brook Professor in Italian

Position: Professor in Italian, Fellow of Trinity College.

Office: 4040


Clodagh Brook is a Professor in Italian. She was educated at Oxford University (D Phil) and at University College, Dublin (BA and MA). She was Reader at The University of Birmingham (Russell Group) before taking up her position at Trinity College in 2017. Professor Brook was awarded Fellowship of Trinity College in 2022.

Research: Her research has two main strands:

The first strand explores identity and political voice. It assesses how minority or suppressed voices emerge in the public sphere, looking especially at the place of institutional and symbolic structures in both supporting and blocking this emergence. Her third monograph, Screening Religions in Italy: Contemporary Italian Cinema and Television in the Public Sphere (University of Toronto Press, 2019) assesses how religions, including Islamic minorities, access the public sphere in Italy (or not). Cultures of Opposition under Berlusconi (Continuum, 2009) explores oppositional practices across the media and in Italy’s protest movements (including gender and LGBTQ) at a time in which in Italy the media was dominated by a single politician, Silvio Berlusconi.

The second strand teases out questions of interconnectedness and interdisciplinarity. Dr Brook is currently leading on a large Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded grant, Interdisciplinary Italy 1900-2020: Interart/Intermedia (, which is in the process of producing 2 books, articles, pedagogical materials and an exhibition. Through it, she collaborates with galleries (Estorick Collection, London), artists, school teachers and a research institute (The British School at Rome), as well as working with scholars from a range of disciplines. As part of this strand, she also has a co-edited book on Transmedia (2014), a special issue on intermedia in Italian Studies (2019), and a number of articles. A summer school looking at the relations between technology and literature is planned for 2020.

In addition, she has published widely on Italian poetry and cinema, including a monograph on early-twentieth-century poet, Eugenio Montale, for Oxford University Press (2002), and a monograph on one of Italy’s most important political filmmakers, Marco Bellocchio: The Cinematic I in the Political Sphere  (2010).

Teaching: She lectures in film, twentieth and twenty-first century literature and Italian culture. She is very interested in interdisciplinary practices and has published and organized panels on interdisciplinary policy and practice in Universities. She is on the steering committee for the new MA in Identities and teaches on the programme.

Leadership: She was Head of Modern Languages (University of Birmingham, 2012-15) and on the Executive Committee of the Society for Italian Studies (research portfolio holder). She has held positions as Co-Director of the Centre for Film (B-Film) and Director of the cross-college Cultural Inquiry MA (University of Birmingham) and member of the University of Birmingham Curriculum Review Group. She was also a member of the AHRC Peer Review College (2012-17). From 2018, she was on the College Scholarship committee in Trinity College.  She has organized workshops and given keynote addresses in the USA, Australia, Ireland, Italy, and the UK.


Edited books

  • Brook, Clodagh, and Mussgnug, Florian; Pieri, Giuliana, Open Works: Italian Creative Intermediality, Italian Studies Special Issue (2019)
  • Brook, Clodagh, and Mussgnug  Florian, Pieri, Giuliana, The Making of Modern Italy; Art and Design in the Early 1960s, Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art. Exhibition Catalogue (2019)
  • Brook, Clodagh and Patti, Emanuela, Transmedia. Storia, memoria e narrazioni attraverso i media, Milan: Mimesis, 2014
  • Brook, Clodagh, Albertazzi, Daniele, Ross, Charlotte, Rothenberg, Nina (eds), Cultures of Opposition under Berlusconi (2001-2006) (Continuum 2009)

Selected recent articles and chapters

  • Brook, Clodagh, Giuliana Pieri and Florian Mussgnug, ‘Italian Studies: An Interdisciplinary Perspective’, Italian Studies: Cultural Studies (forthcoming 2017) 
  • Brook, Clodagh, ‘Post-Secular Identity in Contemporary Italian Cinema’, Modern Italy, 22: 2 (2017), pp. 197-211. 
  • Brook, Clodagh, and Giuliana Pieri, ‘Italianistica in Gran Bretagna: tra interdisciplinarità e tradizione’, Rassegna della letteratura italiana 120:1-2 (2016), pp. 207-17
  • Brook, Clodagh, and Pieri, Giuliana, 'Disciplines, Inter-disciplines and multimediality', in Marco Gargiulo (ed.), Lingua e cultura italiana nei mass media (Rome: Aracne, 2014), 13-32
  • Brook, Clodagh, 'Dissenso, potere e Chiesa cattolica nell'Italia contemporanea: un impegno anticattolico?', in Hope W.H., Serra, S. and d'Arcangeli, L., Un nuovo cinema politico italiano? Vol 2. 2014
  • Brook, Clodagh, 'The Spectacle of the Unseen: Marco Bellocchio and the Lure of the Catholic Church’, in Italian Studies 68: 3, (2013), pp.399-410
  • Brook, Clodagh, and Veronese, Cosetta, and Bertoni, Roberto (eds), 'Novecento', in The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies, Maney Publishing:  Vol. 69 (pub. 2009) and 70 (pub. 2010); with Cosetta Veronese and Alex Standen Vol. 71 (pub. 2011), and 72 (pub. 2012)
  • Brook, Clodagh, 'The Cinema of Resistance: Nanni Moretti's Il caimano and the Italian Film Industry', in Cultures of Opposition (2009), pp.110-23
  • Brook, Clodagh, with Ross, Charlotte, 'Conclusions: Splinters of Resistance', Cultures of Opposition (2009), pp.231-40.
  • Brook, Clodagh, with Albertazzi, Daniele and Ross, Charlotte, ‘Italy’s Radical Left in the Age of Berlusconi’, in What is Radical Politics Today? ed. by J. Pugh (Devolve 2009), pp.1-24
  • Brook, Clodagh, with Albertazzi, Daniele and Ross, Charlotte, ‘From Parliament to Virtual Piazza: Opposition in Italy in the Age of Berlusconi’, in the Bulletin of Italian Politics, 1:1 (2009), pp.111-14
  • Brook Clodagh, ‘Beyond Dialogue: Silence and the Monologue in the Films of Ermanno Olmi’, Italianist 28:2 (2008), pp.268-80
  • Brook, Clodagh, 'Borderlines: Otto e MezzoSogni d'oro and the Real-Dream Continuum', Forum Italicum 41:1 (2007), pp. 1-15
  • Brook, Clodagh, 'The Oneiric in the Cinema of Marco Bellocchio', Italica 84:2-3 (2007), pp. 479-94
  • Brook, Clodagh, 'Beyond the Controversy: Marco Bellocchio and Fagiolian Psychoanalysis', Italian Quarterly (2005), 42: 163/64, pp. 55-66
  • Brook, Clodagh, 'The Hallucinating Eye: Fellini and Bellocchio', Italianist 24:1 (2004), pp. 63-76
  • Brook, Clodagh, 'Screening the Autobiographical', in William Hope (ed.), Italian Cinema: New Directions (Peter Lang, 2004), pp. 27-52

External research funding  

  • European Commission Funding. Principal Investigator on Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship for Dr Eleonora Lima (2018-2020)
  • AHRC standard grant (Principal Investigator) for ‘Interdisciplinary Italy 1900-2020: Interart/Intermedia, with Prof Giuliana Pieri (Royal Holloway) and Dr Florian Mussgnug (UCL). 2015-2020 (£680,000/€774,240). See
  • AHRC networking grant (Principal Investigator) for 'Interdisciplinary Italy 1900-2015: Art, Music, Text’, with Dr Giuliana Pieri (Royal Holloway) and Dr Florian Mussgnug (UCL). 2012-2014 (£31,554/ €35,930)
  • British Academy 'Larger Research Grants' Scheme for 'Resisting the Tide: Cultures of Opposition during the Berlusconi Years' (CI with D. Albertazzi and C. Ross) 2007-2009. (£84,891/ €96,665)
  • AHRC/Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies Grant, 2009 (£3,000/ €3,416)
  • AHRC Research Leave Grant to complete the monograph on the film-maker Marco Bellocchio for University of Toronto Press. 2007 (£25,907/€29,500)

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