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Plant Molecular Genetics

Prof. Tony Kavanagh

Arabidopsis functional genomics

Transcriptional regulation of gene expression determines many aspect of plant growth and development. The genome of Arabidopsis thaliana codes for at least 1,600 transcription factors belonging to more than 45 gene families. Almost half of these are unique to plants but only approximately 6% have so far been characterized in terms of function. We are interested in members of the plant-specific NAC family (named for the genes NAM, ATAF1 and CUC), and the APETALA2 (AP2) family, members of which have been shown to be involved in regulating aspects of plant development and responses to abiotic (environmental) stress.

Overexpression of the NAXOS transcription factor gene alters leaf size and shape (A: overexpression; B: wild-type). NAXOS is expressed in leaves and embryos (C, D). Compared with GFP alone (E), the NAXOS-GFP fusion protein localizes in nuclei (F).

Chloroplast biology and biotechnology

Chloroplasts are the major photosynthetic and biosynthetic centers of the cell, responsible for the production of complex carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and pigments. A leaf with 70 million cells typically contains 5 billion chloroplasts each of which contains up to 100 identical copies of a 155 kb plasmid-like genome. The ability to genetically transform chloroplasts opens up the possibility of studying chloroplast genome-encoded functions by targeted gene disruption, and many biotechnological opportunities including the genetic manipulation of chloroplasts for high-level production of recombinant proteins such as vaccines and antibodies. We are also interested in identifying nuclear genes whose products regulate chloroplast development.

Mutations in the nuclear genes SNOW WHITE (left) and LEMON (right) affect chloroplast development and function.

Recent publications

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