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Professor Tony Kavanagh
Fellow Emeritus, Genetics

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Magee, A.M. Aspinall, S. Rice, D.W. Cusack, B.P. Sémon, M. Perry, A.S. Stefanovi - S. Milbourne, D. Barth, S. Palmer, J.D. Gray, J.C. Kavanagh, T.A. Wolfe, K.H., Localized hypermutation and associated gene losses in legume chloroplast genomes (Genome Research (2010) 20, (1700-1710)), Genome Research, 24, (6), 2014, p1052- Journal Article, 2014 URL

Newell CA, Natesan SK, Sullivan JA, Jouhet J, Kavanagh TA, Gray JC, Exclusion of plastid nucleoids and ribosomes from stromules in tobacco and Arabidopsis., The Plant Journal : For Cell and Molecular Biology, 69, (3), 2012, p399-410 Journal Article, 2012

Rae L, Lao NT, Kavanagh TA, Regulation of multiple aquaporin genes in Arabidopsis by a pair of recently duplicated DREB transcription factors., Planta, 234, (3), 2011, p429-44 Journal Article, 2011

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Yi-Hui Audrey Teh and Tony A. Kavanagh, High-level expression of Camelid nanobodies in Nicotiana benthamiana, Transgenic Research, 2010, p575-86 Journal Article, 2010

Lao NT, Maloney AP, Atkins JF, Kavanagh TA., Versatile Dual Reporter Gene Systems for Investigating Stop Codon Readthrough in Plants, PLoS ONE, 4, (10), 2009, pe7354 Journal Article, 2009 URL TARA - Full Text

Craig, W, Lenzi, P, Scotti, N, De Palma, M, Saggese, P, Carbone, V, McGrath Curran, N, Magee, AM, Medgyesy, P, Kavanagh, TA, Dix, PJ, Grillo, S, Cardi, T, Transplastomic tobacco plants expressing a fatty acid desaturase gene exhibit altered fatty acid profiles and improved cold tolerance., Transgenic research, 17, (5), 2008, p769 - 782 Journal Article, 2008 DOI

W. Craig, P. Lenzi, N. Scotti, M. De Palma, P. Saggese, V. Carbone, N. McGrath-Curran, A.M. Magee, P. Medgyesy, T.A. Kavanagh, P.J. Dix, S. Grillo and T. Cardi, The mitochondrial genome of a cytoplasmic male sterile line of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) contains an integrated linear plasmid-like element., TAG: Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik, 117, (3), 2008, p459 - 470 Journal Article, 2008 DOI

Zhou, F, Badillo-Corona, JA, Karcher, D, Gonzalez-Rabade, N, Piepenburg, K, Borchers, AM, Maloney, AP, Kavanagh, TA, Gray, JC, Bock, R, High-level expression of human immunodeficiency virus antigens from the tobacco and tomato plastid genomes., Plant Biotechnology Journal, 6, 2008, p897 - 913 Journal Article, 2008

Puthiyaveetil, S, Kavanagh, TA, Cain, P, Sullivan, JA, Newell, CA, Gray, JC, Robinson, C, van der Giezen, M, Rogers, MB, Allen, JF, The ancestral symbiont sensor kinase CSK links photosynthesis with gene expression in chloroplasts., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105, (29), 2008, p10061 - 10066 Journal Article, 2008 DOI

C. Sarmiento, E. Gomez, M Meier, T.A. Kavanagh and E. Truve, Cocksfoot mottle virus P1 suppresses RNA silencing in Nicotiana benthamiana and Nicotiana tabacum, Virus Research, 123, 2007, p95 - 99 Journal Article, 2007

Magee AM, MacLean D, Gray JC, Kavanagh TA, Disruption of essential plastid gene expression caused by T7 RNA polymerase-mediated transcription of plastid transgenes during early seedling development., Transgenic research, 16, (4), 2007, p415-28 Journal Article, 2007

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J.A. Casas-Mollano, N.T. Lao and T.A. Kavanagh, Intron-regulated expression of SUVH3, an Arabidopsis Su(var)3-9 homolog, Journal of Experimental Botany, 57, 2006, p3301 - 3311 Journal Article, 2006

M.-L. Flannery, F. J. C. Mitchell, S. Coyne, T.A. Kavanagh, J.I. Burke, N. Salamin, P. Dowding and T.R. Hodkinson, Plastid genome characterisation in Brassica and Brassicaceae assessed using a new set of nine SSRs, Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 113, 2006, p1221 - 1231 Journal Article, 2006

Nugent, G.D., Coyne, S., Nguyen, T.T., Kavanagh, T.A., and Dix, P.J. , Nuclear and plastid transformation of Brassica oleracea var. botrytis (cauliflower) using PEG-mediated uptake of DNA into protoplasts., Plant Science, 170, (1), 2005, p135 - 142 Journal Article, 2005

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Magee, A.M., Coyne, S., Murphy, D., Horvath, E.M., Medgyesy, P., and Kavanagh, T.A. , T7 RNA polymerase-directed expression of an antibody fragment transgene in plastids causes a semi-lethal pale-green seedling phenotype., TRANSGENIC RESEARCH , 13, (4), 2004, p325 - 337 Journal Article, 2004

Kis M, Burbridge E, Brock IW, Heggie L, Dix PJ, Kavanagh TA , An N-terminal peptide extension results in efficient expression, but not secretion, of a synthetic horseradish peroxidase gene in transgenic tobacco , ANNALS OF BOTANY , 93, (3), 2004, p303 - 310 Journal Article, 2004 URL

Magee, A.M., Horvath, E.M., and Kavanagh, T.A. , Pre-screening plastid transgene expression cassettes in Escherichia coli may be unreliable as a predictor of expression levels in chloroplast-transformed plants., Plant Science, 166, (6), 2004, p1605 - 1611 Journal Article, 2004

Lao NT, Long D, Kiang S, Coupland G, Shoue DA, Carpita NC, Kavanagh TA , Mutation of a family 8 glycosyltransferase gene alters cell wall carbohydrate composition and causes a humidity-sensitive semi-sterile dwarf phenotype in Arabidopsis , PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 53, (5), 2003, p687-701 Journal Article, 2003

Perry AS, Brennan S, Murphy DJ, Kavanagh TA, Wolfe KH , Evolutionary re-organisation of a large operon in adzuki bean chloroplast DNA caused by inverted repeat movement , DNA RESEARCH , 9, (5), 2002, p157 - 162 Journal Article, 2002 URL

Kirby J, Kavanagh TA, NAN fusions: a synthetic sialidase reporter gene as a sensitive and versatile partner for GUS, PLANT JOURNAL , 32, (3), 2002, p391 - 400 Journal Article, 2002

Magee AM, Kavanagh TA , Plastid genes transcribed by the nucleus-encoded plastid RNA polymerase show increased transcript accumulation in transgenic plants expressing a chloroplast-localized phage T7 RNA polymerase, JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 53, (379), 2002, p2341 - 2349 Journal Article, 2002 URL

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Horvath EM, Peter SO, Joet T, Rumeau D, Cournac L, Horvath GV, Kavanagh TA, Schafer C, Peltier G, Medgyesy P, Targeted inactivation of the plastid ndhB gene in tobacco results in an enhanced sensitivity of photosynthesis to moderate stomatal closure , PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 123, (4), 2000, p1337 - 1349 Journal Article, 2000 URL

Malcuit I, de Jong W, Baulcombe DC, Shields DC, Kavanagh TA , Acquisition of multiple virulence/avirulence determinants by potato virus X (PVX) has occurred through convergent evolution rather than through recombination, VIRUS GENES, 20, (2), 2000, p165 - 172 Journal Article, 2000

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