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Mindfulness week 8

The rest of your life!

We constantly weave false dreams for ourselves, but what we really need to weave is a parachute to use when life starts to become difficult or begins to fall apart. Mindfulness has been compared to weaving such a parachute. But there is no point in doing this when we’re falling headlong toward destruction. We have to weave our parachute every day, so that it’s always there to hold us in an emergency. The first 7 weeks of the Mindfulness programme helped us begin to taste this process, but week 8 is as important as them all.
Week 8 is the rest of your life.
Here are some tips:

  1. Start the day with mindfulness – take a few breaths to ground yourself in the present moment awareness instead of starting off your day on autopilot.
  2. Use the Breathing Space throughout the day, especially when things became hectic, it will help to re-establish your focus in the here and now, so that you can respond with wisdom and compassion to thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations as you move through the day.
  3. Befriend your feelings. Whatever you feel, as best you can, see if you can bring an open and kind-hearted awareness to all of your feelings. Remember to roll out the welcome mat to even your most painful thoughts, such as fatigue, fear, frustration, loss, guilt and sadness. This will diffuse your automatic reactions and transform a cascade of reactions into a series of choices.
  4. Mindful activities. Whatever you do, see if you can remain mindful throughout as much of the day as possible. (Washing dishes, brushing teeth, walking, cooking, shaving etc)
  5. Increase your level of exercise. Walking, cycling, gardening, jogging – anything physical can be used to help weave your parachute. See if you can bring a mindful and curios attitude to your body as you exercise. Notice the thoughts and the feelings as they arise.
  6. Remember the breath. The breath is always there for you. It anchors you in the present. It is like a good friend. It reminds you that you are OK just as you are.
  7. Reminders. Put up some sticky dots on places you see frequently to remind you to check in with yourself. Use “mindfulness bells” or a certain color to bring you back to the moment. If you spend your day at the computer, have a reminder popping up on the screen to take a few mindful breaths.

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