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Minimum entry requirements: Irish Leaving Certificate

To be considered for admission to the University you must:

  • Present six subjects, three of which must be at grade C or above on higher Leaving Certificate papers or at least grade C in the University Matriculation examination

The six subjects above must include:

  • A pass in English


  • A pass in mathematics (or foundation-level mathematics (see note 2)) and a pass in a language other than English


  • a pass in Latin and a pass in a subject other than a language


  1. A pass means grade D or above on ordinary or higher papers in the Leaving Certificate and grade D or above in the University Matriculation examination.
  2. Mathematics at foundation-level is acceptable for minimum entry requirements only, for all courses except nursing or midwifery courses. Irish at foundation-level is not acceptable for minimum entry requirements, course requirements or for scoring purposes.
  3. Students may combine grades achieved in different sittings of their Leaving Certificate/Matriculation examinations for the purpose of satisfying minimum entry and/or course requirements, but not for the purposes of scoring. This is not permitted for Medicine (see Course specific requirements).
  4. Combinations of Leaving Certificate subjects not permitted:
    • Physics/Chemistry may not be presented with physics or chemistry
    • Biology and agricultural science may not be presented as two of the six subjects required for minimum entry purposes, and they may not be presented together to satisfy course specific requirements. However, both may be used for scoring purposes.
    • Art and music may not be offered as two of the three higher Leaving Certificate grades for minimum entry requirements but both may be used for scoring purposes.

Leaving Certificate scoring system

Grade LevelHigher LevelOrdinary
  • Bonus points for higher level Mathematics
    All students presenting HD3 or above in higher level Mathematics will have 25 points added to their score for Mathematics. The bonus points will only be relevant where Mathematics is scored as one of a student’s six best subjects for points purposes.

An applicant's six best results from one sitting of the Leaving Certificate will be counted for scoring purposes. Applicants may combine results from the Leaving Certificate and the Trinity Matriculation examination of the same year for scoring purposes.

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme Link Modules are accepted for scoring purposes only and are awarded the following points: Distinction 70, Merit 50, Pass 30.

The minimum entry levels (points) are available to download.

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