Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

  • New Report on Irish Government’s Transparency 
    A new report on the Irish government’s transparency shows no progress in anti-corruption measures, or climate policy development, but does find significant progress in the governance of charities,
  • World’s largest autism grant will transform research landscape
    The €115 million grant, titled Autism Innovative Medicine Studies-2-Trials (AIMS-2-Trials), will increase our understanding of autism and help develop new therapies to improve health outcomes and quality of life for autistic people.
  • Student entrepreneurs seek investment as LaunchBox 2018 journey begins
    Ten student entrepreneur teams will today commence Trinity’s highly successful accelerator programme.
  • Scientists discover how vitamin A drives the lung immune system to control TB
    Scientists at Trinity College Dublin and St James’s Hospital, Dublin, have discovered how vitamin A drives the lung immune system to deal with tuberculosis (TB).  The findings have just been published in a top respiratory journal, the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.
  • Volograms to bring advanced Augmented & Virtual Reality technologies to market
    Trinity spin-out, Volograms Ltd., has raised €600,000 in seed investment for a technology that transforms video footage from different viewpoints into volumetric holograms.
  • Drugs targeting tumour metabolism will not stop our ‘Natural Killer’ cells
    Glutamine is a key fuel for many tumours but it is not so for Natural Killer cells, which highlights the therapeutic potential for targeting glutamine metabolism to treat cancer.
  • Trinity students and alumni share their Trinity experience stories, which helped shape their lives

    Using production techniques like drone and time-lapse filming, we were able to present the campus, both old and new, in ways that have never before been done. While we can never hope to capture the scale of what happens in Trinity every day, we believe this film tries to capture some elements of what makes Trinity unique.

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