Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

  • Trinity-NASA research shows how solar variability affects Earth’s atmosphere
    Pulses in the electrified layer of Earth's atmosphere — called the ionosphere — mirrored X-ray oscillations during a C-class flare that occurred in July last year.
  • New Directions in Ecohorror and the Ecogothic
    How ecogothic literature and film can help society face up to the challenges of real-word climate catastrophe was the focus of a two-day conference organised by the School of English last week.
  • Boundaries for biodiversity: the implausible science of a “safe operating space"
    The notion that global environmental processes have “tipping points” and that we can deplete the environment until we hit them is not supported by science.
  • International influences on the Irish Free State
    The Irish Free State was much more open to international influence than scholarship has traditionally allowed, according to historian Dr Anne Dolan, speaking at the Contemporary Irish History Research Seminar Series this week.
  • European Universities meet to discuss Internationalisation of the Curriculum
    Trinity hosted the high level seminar which also marked the 30 year celebration of the Erasmus Programme. University rectors and vice-rectors from universities of the Coimbra Group took part.
  • From zombie critters to plant sensors at the School of Natural Sciences showcase
    Researchers and postgraduate students from the School showcased the fascinating -- and hugely varied -- research they are currently conducting.
  • Garland of Howth − one of four precious early Irish manuscripts conserved at Trinity

    Precious Irish manuscripts from the Dark Ages have been conserved and digitised by Trinity. The rarely seen manuscripts from early Christianity will go on public display together for the first time, exhibiting the manuscripts’ magnificent artistry and ornamentation by Ireland’s earliest painters.

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