Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

  • Scientists discover shared genetic origin for MND and schizophrenia
    Researchers say the new findings have major implications for how we classify diseases and that they challenge the existing divide between neurology and psychiatry.
  • Major study finds serious issues with media reporting of concealed pregnancies
    Major research from Trinity College Dublin exploring the experience of concealed pregnancy in contemporary Ireland has confirmed that far from being a phenomenon of the past, concealed pregnancies are an ongoing situation for women in Ireland today. The study also found that concealed pregnancies are often negatively and insensitively covered in media, to the potential detriment of women and babies.
  • Trump’s America, 60 Days In
    Resistance to Trump’s agenda untold story in new era of American politics.
  • Eyes in the sky -- how ground-bound animals follow vultures to a free lunch
    On the plains of Africa, jackals and hyenas follow scavenging vultures to pick up an easy meal.
  • Japanese manga exhibition opens in Trinity
    The exhibition introduces similarities and differences between modern Japanese manga comics and the ‘Hokusai Manga’, a collection of 15 volumes of sketches by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849).
  • Inaugural Seán Freyne Memorial Lecture
    Prof Freyne established the first non-denominational setting for the study of the Bible and theology within the humanities at an Irish university.
  • Trinity students and alumni share their Trinity experience stories, which helped shape their lives

    Using production techniques like drone and time-lapse filming, we were able to present the campus, both old and new, in ways that have never before been done. While we can never hope to capture the scale of what happens in Trinity every day, we believe this film tries to capture some elements of what makes Trinity unique.

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