Trinity College, The University of Dublin

  • Trinity College’s New Five-Year Strategic Plan to Deliver for Ireland as a Global Leader in Education, Research and Innovation
    The Strategic Plan 2014-2019 will seek to propel Ireland as a global leader in education, research, and innovation, and will aim to create many jobs.
  • How Can We Help Under-Threat Vultures? By Opening 'Restaurants’...
    Food shortages for white-backed vultures, which play a critical role in African ecosystems, mean we will have to serve them their meals to sustain healthy populations.
  • Ancient Europeans Lactose-Intolerant for 5,000 years After Adopting Agriculture
    The DNA analyses also showed that technological changes were associated with major changes in the genetics of ancient populations.
  • Trinity Welcomes €245m Funding News for Five SFI Research Centres
    Trinity takes the lead in two SFI Research Centres – ‘Adapt’ and ‘CONNECT Centre for Future Networks & Communications,’ - and will partner in three others.
  • Trinity Rugby Returns Home to College Park
    The upgraded College Rugby pitch opened with a celebratory match between Trinity and Belfast’s Malone RFC.
  • Major Philanthropic Donation to Support Trinity Students
    A New 24-Hour Student Study Hall and an Endowment to Support Future Generations of Engineers were enabled by a philanthropic donation from the Chief Executive of Jones Engineering Group, Eric Kinsella, and his wife Barbara.