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  • TILDA report gives unique insight into end of life experiences of older people
    A new study released today by the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) at Trinity College Dublin provides a deep and important understanding of the end-of-life experience of older adults in Ireland. The report examines issues such as where TILDA participants died, which services and care they received and their quality of life, health and disability leading up to their death.
  • Global ICT leader Huawei announces research partnership with Trinity
    At the event at Trinity, Guo Ping, Huawei Deputy Chairman & Rotating CEO, also announced the expansion of the company’s Cork R&D operation.
  • Irish Rugby player Brian O’Driscoll awarded another cap at Honorary Degrees
    Other Honorary Degree Candidates included one of Ireland’s foremost journalists, Olivia O’Leary and archivist, Caitriona Crowe along with leading neuroscientist, Gero Miesenböck and astronomer, George Miley.
  • Researchers make important discovery in oral pre-cancer condition
    Researchers at trinity have examined the microbiome of oral leukoplakia in order to determine if certain bacteria were associated with oral leukoplakia and whether the type of bacteria could predict whether these condition become malignant.
  • Engineers’ smart machine wins National Instrument innovation award
    The machine is reconfigurable so it can be re-assembled to perform different tasks. It will be put to use in the factories of the future.
  • Trinity wins Postgraduate Design & Innovation Award
    The Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship helps PhD students transform their research into products, services and policies
  • Honorary Degrees 2017 - Winter Commencements

    View the honorary degree candidates, Irish rugby player, Brian O’Driscoll, journalist, Olivia O’Leary, archivist, Caitriona Crowe, neuroscientist, Gero Miesenböck and astronomer, George Miley, receiving their awards and hear what they have to say about what it means to them.

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