Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

  • Trinity Blog Showcases First Hand Accounts of 1916 Rising
    ‘Changed Utterly’ blog showcase the breadth of Trinity Library’s collections relating to the 1916 Rising and aims to act as a catalyst for research ahead of the centenary in April 2016.
  • Scientists Discover link Between Common Medications and Serious Falls in Older Men
    Using data from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), scientists from Trinity College Dublin, St James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland and three UK Universities have discovered a significant link between serious falls causing injury in older men and a particular group of commonly used medicines.
  • Secondary School Girls Enjoy Engineering Eye-Opener
    Trinity’s School of Engineering opened its doors for the seventh year in a bid to showcase the wonderful world of engineering to curious secondary school girls.
  • Scientific Tour de Force Signals Major Step for Structural Biology
    A collaborative effort has produced the first structural blueprint of a complex between a protein and its cellular signalling partner, paving the way for highly specific drug development.
  • Staff Awarded for Excellence
    Trinity staff have been presented awards for excellence in teaching and promoting global engagement through the time honoured Provost’s Teaching Awards and the newly established Global Engagement Awards.
  • Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives visits Trinity
    Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Boehner, along with a number of other members of US congress visited Trinity College Dublin while on a 4th July visit to Ireland.
  • Trinity students and alumni share their Trinity experience stories, which helped shape their lives

    Using production techniques like drone and time-lapse filming, we were able to present the campus, both old and new, in ways that have never before been done. While we can never hope to capture the scale of what happens in Trinity every day, we believe this film tries to capture some elements of what makes Trinity unique.