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Virtual STEM Camps

Connect to Ireland’s online STEM Community

TWC Virtual is our new online home where our STEM community can come together. It is made up of the ‘Nucleus’ (the learning hub) and several unique team channels where Alphas engage is STEM sessions facilitated by Trinity’s undergraduate and postgraduate community.

At TWC virtual camps, Alphas partake in live, interactive physics, math, technology and engineering sessions, which take place either mornings or afternoons Monday-Friday. These camps are designed to fun and challenging bite sized experiences that nurture the learners STEM interests and give them a taster of the Saturday Club experience. Uniquely, while experiencing this camp in a virtual format it provides an excellent opportunity to develop the learner's digital literacy, alongside skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and communication.

Who can apply? 
All secondary school students who have completed their 1st year of secondary school. See specific camp information below for eligibility.



Trinity Walton Club camps

2021 Virtual Camp Offerings  





Session Times 


Easter Camp 1

29 Mar - 2 Apr*

Student who are in their 1st or 2nd year during 2020-2021

(No previous TWC experience required)

This camp is designed for students who are new to Trinity Walton Club. On this camp, you will explore the mathematics of Pythagoras, the engineering of simple machines, and the physics of forces.
This week-long experience includes a physical design challenge that you will complete as part of a team throughout the week. At the end of the camp, Alpha Teams will share their project with their peers.

10:00 -12.30 Monday-Friday

Applications open
Fee: €120

*Dates Booked Out

Easter Camp 2

5-9 Apr

Student who are in their 2nd or 3rd year during 2020-2021

(Will accept 1st years who completed camp 1)


On this camp, you will investigate the physics of light and basic circuitry, the mathematics of wavelengths, and you will step into the shoes of an engineer to design and model a light device.
If you have attended Camp 1 (29 Mar - 2 Apr.) this will be a great level-up programme for you.


10:00 -12.30 Monday-Friday

Applications open
Fee: €120



Summer Camp

June –July 2021
(Specific dates coming soon)

All second level students

  • Summer Camp I (Junior only -for students who have not completed their Jr Cert Exam) 14-18 June
  • Summer Camp II ((for all secondary school students) 21-25 June
  • Summer Camp III (for all secondary school students) 28 June- 2 July
  • Summer Camps IV (for all secondary school students) 5-9 July

10:00 -12.30 Monday-Friday

Applications open
Fee: €120 (5 day Camp)



Early August 2021
(Specific dates coming soon)

TWC Club Alphas

Science, technology, engineering, art and maths with innovation creativity and entrepreneurship - more information to follow

Opening May 2021

Trinity Walton Club camps


Technical Information  

Trinity Walton Club Virtual STEM camps will be hosted through Microsoft Teams. This platform provides us all with stable and secure features where we can emulate a Trinity Walton Club learning environment as best as possible.
While on a virtual camp we recommend that you use a large screen i.e. a desktop or laptop that has internet connectivity. Sometimes you may be required to download software. All software needed and their respective logins to access this software/platform will be provided in the main session or via email prior to the session.

How to Apply 

Places on all our camps are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply through the application form link to the corresponding camp you wish to apply to. After this, you will receive the Camp Guidelines &Terms of Use document, and a payment link to process your camp fee and secure your place.

Each camp’s fee can be found in the overview of offerings above. Fees are paid using STIPE which includes an online processing fee, and relevant links will be shared directly from Trinity Walton Club.
A limited number of scholarships are available for DEIS/Trinity Access Programme affiliated schools. Please check the DEIS/TAP box in the application form and we will be in touch about eligibility.

Student Testimonial 
‘I believe the best experience I had with this virtual camp was getting to meet other people and talking with them, knowing they have the same interest in STEM like me.’
The whole Walton Camp was a great experience! I enjoyed each section of the course and learnt a lot. The instructors were very good at explaining things’

It surpassed my expectations. It made me look at all the subjects in a different light and realised that the four subject all tie in together.

Alpha Camper