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Saturday STEM Club

Cultivate, Innovate and Build STEM Connections

The Saturday STEM Club is the flagship Trinity Walton Club experience it is made up of two new age profile groups, the Walton Explorers and Walton Innovators Programs. We are NOW offering places to ALL secondary level students. These transformative programs offer the chance to enter the exciting dynamic worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), all the while being an integral part of the thriving Trinity Walton Club community. 

Join early as a Walton Explorer and open the door to an exhilarating six-year adventure! Throughout their Walton journey, participants will continuously expand their knowledge, tackle increasingly sophisticated challenges, and grow into confident, capable, and forward-thinking leaders. 




Trinity Walton Club group photo 2023
Trinity Walton Club group photo

Walton Explorers : Embark on a Journey of Curiosity and Discovery

The Walton Explorers Program is tailor-made for young minds in 1st, 2nd and 3rd* years of secondary school. Through immersive 'hands on, minds on' STEM sessions right on campus, students will not only enhance their problem-solving skills but also nurture critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and research abilities.

This program is dedicated to nurturing their STEM curiosity, fostering autonomy. The Walton Explorers experience will culminate with grand showcase events held on the Trinity College Campus where club members demonstrate their newfound skills in a collaborative STEM project.    

Walton Innovators : Pioneering the Future of STEM

For inquisitive minds in 3rd*, 4th, 5th and 6th years, the Walton Innovators Program is a platform that further thrives on scientific curiosity, innovation, and imagination. 

If students possess a passion for engineering, maths, and physics, and yearns to delve into cutting-edge concepts and projects, with customised learning paths, this program is the ultimate launchpad! Innovators can dive deep into topics that fuel and ignite their curiosity – from calculus to relativity to 3D printing. 

Collaborating with peers, students will tackle stimulating design projects, applying their knowledge to craft practical solutions for real-world challenges. Scientific exploration is also at the forefront, allowing students to conduct experiments guided by experienced leading mentors and embracing their investigative spirit.


Progress in a STEM odyssey marked by exploration, innovation, and transformation and become authentic leaders in STEM for the future.

*3rd years will be placed in the appropriate program dependent on previous experience in the Walton Club.

Trinity Walton Club group photo

2023-2024 Dates*

  • Term one: 7 October – 9 December
  • Term two: 13 January – 9 March
  • Term three: 6 April – 1 June ​

*Fully Booked

*Dates subjected to slight changes

Who can apply

  • Saturday STEM Club is for 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th, 5th and 6th years.​
  • Walton Explorers can choose between either a morning (10:00-13:00) or afternoon session (13:30-16:30). There are only morning sessions (10:00-13:00) for Walton Innovators.
  • Previous club members are given priority when allocating spaces if their applications are submitted on time and as soon as possible. New applicants are allocated spaces following assessment of the information provided in the application form. A genuine passion for STEM will often be the deciding factor for place allocation. 
  • Please apply as soon as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, placements are only confirmed and guaranteed on receipt of payment on a first come first served basis, due to high demand and the restriction in the number of placements available.


€295 (per person, per 9-week term)

APPLY new members

APPLY previous members