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Trinity Walton Club

Founded in 2014, Trinity Walton Club is a STEM club with a difference. We provide a unique learning hub for students who are passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Based in Trinity College Dublin, we deliver an innovative and interactive educational experience to secondary school students.

At Trinity Walton Club, students gain a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for STEM subjects . However, beyond STEM, our Club members gain supplemental and invaluable life skills.

Through our clubs and camps, our students can expect to enhance abilities in areas such as:

  • Problem solving – learn to examine problems, develop creative solutions, evaluate these solutions 
  • Research - know how to develop, execute and evaluate research 
  • Collaboration – understand how to be a valuable team member, recognize the contributions of team members and value teamwork 
  • Communication - discover how to express themselves, communicate with evidence and learn to listen actively 
  • Critical thinking - engage in evidence-based reasoning, challenge assumptions and make decisions

These skills are invaluable in school, in advanced study, in careers and in life. Find which programme works best for you by visiting the Academic Year Programmes and Camps tabs

Trinity Walton Club group photo 2015