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Tangent’s talent development programmes are designed to help organisations and individuals develop new thinking and practice; to shape their future and recognise the opportunities therein . We offer open courses, in-house training, masterclasses, summer schools and boot-camps in the areas of creativity, innovation, design skills and corporate entrepreneurship.

Tangent, Trinity's Ideas Workspace offers a range of professional programmes:

Other programmes we offer include:

Great Decision Making through Creative Problem Solving

Problem solving and good decision-making skills are essential for great innovation to happen. Critical thinking enables leaders to think creatively in the development of optimum solutions but also to understand the impact of their decisions on their organisation and team. During this masterclass you will develop a mind-set shift to more critical and lateral thinking and how to be discerning in your decision making to allow an innovation culture to flourish.

Date: 9-5pm Thursday 15th October 2020

Fee: €625

Apply: Contact Tangent Education Team

Executive Breakout Creative Leadership Programme

This is an Executive Leadership Programme for individuals who want to lead, effect change and stimulate creativity and innovation in their teams. Underpinned by the key themes of Iteration & Design Thinking, Disruptive Innovation, Storytelling, Curiosity, Insurgency and High-Performance Leadership, Executive Breakout aims to equip you with the tools and techniques to drive innovation and manage change. The programme is designed to enhance your career progression and professional development.


This programme is formally accredited by Trinity College Dublin (10 ECTS) and is delivered over seven days in four phases within a two-month period. Phase 1, 2 and 4 are delivered onsite in the Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace. Phase 3 allows the participant to work independently on their ‘Personal Innovation Plan’ and ‘Team Innovation Project’ with scheduled mentor meetings.

Date: October 2020

Fee: €4750

Apply: Contact Tangent Education Team

Building Innovative Teams

Innovation is a team sport. In order to stay competitive in the fast-paced, disruptive global market, your people must work collaboratively, maximising their creative potential and actively pursuing growth opportunities. Building innovative teams is a highly applied, immersive workshop that provides participants with creative problem solving, critical thinking and innovation collaboration tools and techniques. It also provides a framework for immediately applying those skills in the workplace. Your team will learn to work together to develop solutions to real work challenges, offering an immediate, tangible return on investment.

Developing an Innovation Culture

Organisations are successful when they find a business model with a scalable, repeatable process. Innovation, in contrast, is messy, conflicting in many ways with established processes, structures, and corporate cultures. This workshop examines the cultural barriers to innovation and the steps you can take to address them. On completion of this programme, participants will take away an end-to-end innovation management strategy using applied processes such as ideation, new product development, story-telling, project and change management.

Growth Mindset for Success

Organisations typically vary between fixed and growth cultures. A fixed setting is likely to believe in – and judge – fixed abilities. It typically promotes a competitive culture with a command and control hierarchy, a lack of trust and little or no collaboration. Meanwhile a growth-focused organisation will support creativity, innovation and foster teamwork.

Customer Development

How well do you really know your customer or end-user? If your organisation is seeking to boost sales, launch new products or services, or is looking at new ways to innovate, this workshop will give you the essential breakthrough insights that leads to true product market fit and ultimately business growth. Discover the latest frameworks and methods for uncovering user insights that lead to successful, customer-centred innovations: Empathy Interviewing, Jobs-to-be-Done, Customer Personas and Scenarios.

Lego Serious Play

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitated workshop with multiple applications including team building, strategy development and problem solving. Participants build and share symbolic and metaphorical models to facilitate reflection and discussion around a given theme. Building 3D-models of knowledge, ideas and concepts enhances our ability to tackle organisational challenges.

In any organisation, people naturally want to contribute and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY ensures there are no barriers to innovation for anyone in your organisation. As the workshop progresses, participants move from building individual models to building shared models, landscapes and complex systems. Lego Serious Play is ultimately about exploration, experimentation and PLAY.

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The Tangent Alumni+ Package is available to all those who complete a learning journey in Tangent.
We look forward to supporting you on your innovation and ideas journey.
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