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Tangent’s talent development programmes are designed to help organisations and individuals develop new thinking and practice; to shape their future and recognise the opportunities therein . We offer open courses, in-house training, masterclasses, summer schools and boot-camps in the areas of creativity, innovation, design skills and corporate entrepreneurship.

Some of the programmes we offer include:

Building Innovative Teams

Innovation is a team sport. In order to stay competitive in the fast-paced, disruptive global market, your people must work collaboratively, maximising their creative potential and actively pursuing growth opportunities. Building innovative teams is a highly applied, immersive workshop that provides participants with creative problem solving, critical thinking and innovation collaboration tools and techniques. It also provides a framework for immediately applying those skills in the workplace. Your team will learn to work together to develop solutions to real work challenges, offering an immediate, tangible return on investment.

Design Thinking for Business

For successful innovation strategy it’s not enough to simply identify a customer need or problem and then go about solving it; you must first understand why exactly it’s a problem. Design thinking a proven, hugely successful methodology that uses the principles of design thinking - a customer-centred approach, bias to action, prototyping, agile process design - to developing new products and services

Developing an Innovation Culture

Organisations are successful when they find a business model with a scalable, repeatable process. Innovation, in contrast, is messy, conflicting in many ways with established processes, structures, and corporate cultures. This workshop examines the cultural barriers to innovation and the steps you can take to address them. On completion of this programme, participants will take away an end-to-end innovation management strategy using applied processes such as ideation, new product development, story-telling, project and change management.

Growth Mindset for Success

Organisations typically vary between fixed and growth cultures. A fixed setting is likely to believe in – and judge – fixed abilities. It typically promotes a competitive culture with a command and control hierarchy, a lack of trust and little or no collaboration. Meanwhile a growth-focused organisation will support creativity, innovation and foster teamwork.

Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem solving is a skill highly sought-after by organisations in order to retain competitive advantage in a world of increasing automation and globalisation. Contrary to popular belief, all individuals are capable of being creative, and participants on this workshop will learn the tools and techniques required to apply creative thinking and opportunity recognition in the context of problem solving at work.

Customer Development

How well do you really know your customer or end-user? If your organisation is seeking to boost sales, launch new products or services, or is looking at new ways to innovate, this workshop will give you the essential breakthrough insights that leads to true product market fit and ultimately business growth. Discover the latest frameworks and methods for uncovering user insights that lead to successful, customer-centred innovations: Empathy Interviewing, Jobs-to-be-Done, Customer Personas and Scenarios.


If you want a workforce that is engaged, motivated and innovative, you need to give them a reason to be engaged and motivated. This something is less to do with WHAT your organisation does, and more to do with WHY.

Since the beginning of time, we have used storytelling to engage, persuade, motivate, inspire and influence. Whether in religion, politics, business or relationships, this ancient, universal communication tool is the simplest way to impact an organisations culture in a positive way. Changing the story, changes the mindset and ultimately changes the opportunity. This workshop gets those stories on the table, sparking insights, awareness and engagement. Participants will come away with a compelling proposition that will engage and motivate staff and create compelling reasons for customers and users to engage with the brand.

Lego Serious Play

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitated workshop with multiple applications including team building, strategy development and problem solving. Participants build and share symbolic and metaphorical models to facilitate reflection and discussion around a given theme. Building 3D-models of knowledge, ideas and concepts enhances our ability to tackle organisational challenges.

In any organisation, people naturally want to contribute and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY ensures there are no barriers to innovation for anyone in your organisation. As the workshop progresses, participants move from building individual models to building shared models, landscapes and complex systems. Lego Serious Play is ultimately about exploration, experimentation and PLAY.

Executive Breakout

Executive Breakout is a new and exciting education and learning programme delivered by Tangent. The short intense programme focuses on delivering impact for middle and senior level managers to their organisations. It is developed by a team of international academics and practitioners in the areas of innovation, creativity and leadership.

This programme is for individuals who want to lead, effect change and stimulate creativity and innovation in their teams and/or organisations. This practical education programme centres around three core themes - Design Thinking, Disruptive Innovation and High Performance Leadership and equips participants with the key tools and techniques to drive an innovative mindset.

To discuss your training needs, please contact Joan Connolly, Head of Corporate Learning Experiences on 01 896 2498 or email