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Key Dates

Please see the latest College Calendar here: College Calendar

Note that undergraduate teaching comprises Michaelmas Term and Hilary Term teaching weeks (12 weeks each), followed by three revision weeks and a four week exam period. There can be slight variations for particular courses. Week 7 is ordinarily a study week with no lectures, though this can differ by course.

2016-2017 Term Dates

28 August 2016 Understanding Ireland: Semester Start-Up Programme begins (visiting)
11 September 2016 Understanding Ireland: Smart-Start Programme begins (first year undergraduate)
16 September 2016 Trinity Hall Move-In Day
19 - 23 September 2016 Freshers' Week (Orientation)
26 September 2016 Michaelmas Term teaching begins
16 December 2016 Michaelmas Term ends
8 January 2017 Welcome reception
8-13 January 2017 Understanding Ireland: Semester Start-Up Programme (January start)
16 January 2017 Hilary Term teaching begins
27 February 2017 Reading Week begins
3 March 2017 Reading Week ends
7 April 2017 Hilary Term teaching ends
10 April 2017 Revision/Examination Prep period begins
2 May 2017 Examinations begin
26 May 2017

Examinations end (flights home should not be booked until exam dates are set)


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