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India Undergraduate Scholarships

Award: 1-year scholarships valued between €3000 to €5000 each, applied as a reduction to the tuition fees of a full-time undergraduate programme for the first year of study only.

Eligible Majors and Course Level:  

There are several scholarships available across the range of  full-time undergraduate programmes offered at Trinity (except for Medicine, Dentistry and Acting courses)

Who can apply: a) Applicants who have received a conditional or unconditional offer for an undergraduate programme, have non-EU status and will pay tuition fees at the non-EU rate.  b) Applicants must be normally resident in and have completed their high school education in India.  c) Applicants must have achieved/predicted to achieve a minimum (in one of the following):

  • International Baccalaureate score of 36
  • A level score of AAB or similar
  • India Grade XII score of 90% overall

Selection Criteria: Scholarships are merit-based and applications will be assessed based on academic achievement, and evaluation of the applicant’s potential to become an outstanding ambassador and contribute positively to the overall Trinity community.
Applicants must demonstrate their ability to fulfil future ambassadorial duties for the University.

Application process
Please submit your scholarship application as follows:

  • Email your application to
  • Subject line: Your name + Trinity application reference number + India Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Scholarship Application Documents:
    • Trinity Offer Letter
    • 300-word statement on “How I will contribute to Trinity College Dublin’s community”
    • CV/Resume
    • Please ensure all documents include your name and Trinity Application Reference Number

Application deadlines and announcement dates

  • 1st Batch Deadline: 1st March
  • 1st Batch Announcement: 1st April
  • 2nd Batch Deadline: 1st May
  • 2nd Batch Announcement: 1st June
  • 3rd Batch Deadline: 15th June
  • 3rd Batch Announcement: 1st July

Applications received after 15th June will be assessed on a rolling basis depending on budget availability. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of scholarship application.

Your Regional Manager will inform you if your scholarship application has been successful and will advise you about the process to formally accept the scholarship.

The offer of scholarship will remain open for 2 weeks. You must pay the course acceptance deposit within this period. If the offer is not accepted within this time, the scholarship will be allocated to another applicant.