TR060 Biological & Biomedical Sciences

TR060 Junior Sophister 2024-2025


Having successfully completed the Freshman years of the Biological and Biomedical science programme, you must now decide on the discipline in which you wish to specialise for your moderatorship. For some of you this will be an easy decision, as you have known from entry the subject you wish to study. For others the choice may be more difficult. However, it is important for all of you to be open-minded, and reflect carefully on the broad range of topics presented in the Freshman biology modules.

My strong advice to you is - follow your interests! You will excel in the areas of biology in which you are most interested. Ultimately there are no barriers to careers after one’s honours degree in biology and, as biologists, we move between subjects and areas all the time.

You can also contact the Junior Sophister Course Advisors listed below: 

Course Advisors (JS) 


Prof D. Nolan


Prof J McElwain

Environmental Sciences

Prof Jay Piggott


Prof J.P. Labrador

Human Genetics

Prof J.P Labrador


Prof F. Sheedy


Prof Carsten Kroger

Molecular Medicine

Prof K. Mok


Prof E. Jimenez-Mateos


Prof M. Caldwell


Prof Nessa O’Connor