TR062 Careers

Geography - Graduate skills and career opportunities

A wide range of career options is potentially available to Geography graduates. The combination of a broad-based discipline and training in highly relevant transferable skills is valued in today’s job market, where adaptability and flexibility are widely regarded as assets. Careers taken up by graduating geography students in recent years include urban and regional planning, environmental consultancy and research and teaching as well as positions in such areas as financial services (including insurance), foreign affairs, leisure and tourism and overseas development.

Geosciences - Graduate skills and career opportunities

Geology is a highly interactive, interdisciplinary and rewarding subject. Geology addresses critical issues such as energy, meteorology, water and mineral resources, stewardship of the environment, oceanography, reducing natural hazards for society, planetary science and more. Not only does this major allow students to work on many of society’s most important challenges, but it also unlocks lucrative and personally rewarding careers in industry, academia, research and government.

Recent graduates have found professional career opportunities with mineral exploration companies, civil engineering firms, geological and environmental consultancies, oil companies, organisations based in computing and information systems, and government geological surveys. There is currently a global shortage of geoscientists. Geology graduates are also highly valued in more generalised fields of employment due to their adaptability, their many transferable skills and their experience at dealing with incomplete data sets.