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Welcome to INBIND

Welcome to the website and homepage for the Irish Network for Biomarkers in Neurodegeneration (IN-BIND). The network was established in 2011 with the aim of supporting biomarker and bio-sampling research in neurodegenerative disorders in Ireland and is supported nationally by a large number of clinicians and basic researchers. IN-BIND was devised as part of the wider remit of the BIOMARKAPD Ireland research project.

The IN-BIND national network aims to promote the implementation of standardized diagnostic criteria for neurodegenerative disorders harnessing standardized protocols for neuroimaging-based biomarkers, neuropsychological testing and biological marker analysis.

It is hoped, through the efforts of IN-BIND, that the utility of biomarkers in elucidating the underlying cause of neurodegenerative disorders will be proven. In addition, IN-BIND aims to ascertain the power of biomarkers to discriminate between different neurodegenerative conditions and their utility in assisting in the prediction of clinical and cognitive outcomes for patients. This will ultimately facilitate targeted early intervention for these conditions. 

Prof Brian Lawlor, Principal Investigator






Last updated 11 April 2016 (Email).