Psychology: The Science of Behaviour and Mind

This lecture course will present an overview of contemporary psychology and introduce participants to cutting edge research undertaken by the school of Psychology staff.

Topics include: *

  • The psychology of the climate crisis
  • Social neuroscience
  • Advances in brain stimulation
  • Child health and wellbeing
  • What can be done to promote mental health and positive development among refugee children
  • How we imagine
  • Family systematic interventions for at-risk adolescence mental health and wellbeing
  • Minding your brain – A user’s guide
  • Organisational Psychology
  • ....and many more.

* Lecture topics may vary depending upon staff availability in the current year.

This course is a lecture series, and there are no exams or course work involved. Participants who attend at least 12 out of the 16 lectures will receive a certificate of attendance. The course does not provide an academic qualification.


€220 for sixteen weeks.

A concession rate (€100) is available to second and full time third-level students, unemployed persons, and those in receipt of a social welfare pension. Payment and proof of status MUST accompany the application form. This may be, for example, a letter from second/third level institution, proof of receipt of social welfare pension or unemployment benefits.

The application form is available online only here.

Applications in person for 2023-24 are unavailable. You may apply as follow:

  1. Please apply in advance;

  2. If seeking a concession rate, email the proof of status to the evening course coordinator at;

  3. Applicants may pay their fee online using a Credit or Debit card via the PayPal facility available on the evening course website

A welcoming email will be sent in September with more detailed information and the zoom link for the first lecture. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

We are not accepting any more applications

Lectures will take place every Wednesday at 7pm in the JM Synge Theatre, in the Arts Building (on campus), room 2039.

The theatre will be open from 6.30.

There is an entrance to the TCD College campus on Nassau Street. This entrance will remain open until 10.30 pm. The campus can also be accessed through the main entrance of Trinity College.

If you enter the campus from the Nassau Street entrance, the arts Building is the building on your right and once you enter the building the JR Synge Theatre is over towards the left and at the back.

Lecture No Date Lecture Professor Email address
  Mich. Term 2023      
1 4.10.23 Advances in Brain Stimulation Prof. Sven Vanneste
2 11.10.23 Early Experiences and Later Development Dr. Elizabeth Nixon
3 18.10.23 Minding you brain - A user's guide Prof. Shane O'Mara
4 25.10.23 Family systematic interventions for at-risk adolecence mental health and wellbeing Dr. Tania Bosqui
5 1.11.23 Organisational Wellbeing Dr. Adele Grazi
6 8.11.23 The Psychology of The Climate Crisis  Dr. Clare Kelly
7 15.11.23 What can be done to promote mental health and positive development among refugee children?  Dr. Kristin Hadfield
8 22.11.23 Anxiety, depression and decisio-making under uncertainty  Prof. Sonia Bishop
9 29.11.23 Early intervention for neurodevelopmental conditions to improve functioning and adaptation Dr. Olive Healy
10 6.12.23 How We Imagine  Prof. Ruth Byrne
  Hilary Term 2023      
11 24.1.24 How can we bring a damaged brain back into action? Prof. Richard Carson
12 31.1.24 Child Health and Wellbeing Dr. Lorraine Swords
13 7.2.24 Social Neuroscience Prof. Redmond O'Connell redmond.oconnell@tcd,ie
14 14.2.24 The wandering mind: Perspectives from psychology and neuroscience Dr. Paul Dockree
15 21.2.24 Challenges of Implementing Organisational Changes Dr. Siobhan Corrigan
16 28.2.24 Insights into risk and protective factors for dementia in healthy midlife Dr. Lorina Naci


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Lecture Notes

The Lecture recordings and notes for this course can be accessed here.