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MPhil modules in the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies open to PhD students in fulfilment of the “structured PhD” requirement.

This is a list of the postgraduate modules currently offered by the School of Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies.



Research Integrity (5 ECTS – mandatory)

Aspects of the Profession (5 ECTS)

Research Training Seminar (10 ECTS)

Interlingual Technologies (5 ECTS)

Theory and Methodology 1 (10 ECTS)

European Cinema and Identity (10 ECTS)

Moving Between Cultures (10 ECTS)

Food, Drink and European Cultural Identities (10 ECTS)

Dantean Echoes (10 ECTS)

Medieval Translation Theory and Practice (10 ECTS)

Theory and Practice of Digital Humanities (10 ECTS)

Monster and Otherness Studies (10 ECTS)

Questions of Identity in Europe Part 1 (10 ECTS)

Questions of Identity in Europe Part 2 (10 ECTS)

Cultures of Memory and Identity in Central Europe (10 ECTS)

Theory and Methodology: Literature and…. (10 ECTS)

Multilingualism, Translation and Identity in Literature (10 ECTS)

Postmodernist Literature in East and Central Europe (10 ECTS)

EU-Russian Relations (10 ECTS)

Cultural Technical Systems (10 ECTS)

Europe and its Identities (10 ECTS)

Medieval and Renaissance Foundations of Europe (10 ECTS)

Linguistic and Textual Analysis (5 ECTS)

Russian Avant-Garde (10 ECTS)

Theory and History of Translation (5 ECTS)


Translation Studies Methodologies (10 ECTS)




The viability of these modules depends on the number of students signing up for them each year. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that every module will run every year. Doctoral candidates in the School are also able to apply to take modules from other schools in the faculty if these align closely with their research plans.