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Linguistic and Textual Analysis (IT7012)

Option coordinator: 
Dr James Hadley

Module Title

Linguistic and Textual Analysis

Module Description

  • the aim of the module
  • the structure of the module
  • the style of delivery
  • the assessment

(200 words max)

This module aims to equip students with the linguistic and theoretic apparatus required to analyse both source texts and translations technically. Week by week, new topics pertinent to the study of translations are addressed through readings, quizzes, practical translation, discussions, and textual analysis.
The module is assessed by one essay, in which students choose a theory they wish either to support or to challenge, and assemble the evidence required to do so along with their argument.

Indicative Module Structure:
titles only

Week 1


Week 2

Translation Studies

Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7


Week 8


Week 9


Week 10

Cultural Shifts

Week 11


Week 12

Research & Commentaries

Set text(s)
If you set a textbook, please name it. If you use journal articles or your own materials, please describe them very briefly (e.g. journal articles supplied / module handbook)

MUNDAY, J. (2016). Introducing Translation Studies: theories and applications. London, Routledge.
VENUTI, L. (2000). The Translation Studies Reader. London, Routledge.
VENUTI, L. (2012). Translation Studies Reader. London, Routledge.
VENUTI, L. (2008). The Translator's Invisibility: A History of Translation. London [etc.], Routledge.