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Funded Opportunities

Funded Opportunities/Projects

Trinity works with over 300 universities around the world, offering opportunities from exchange programmes to joint education partnerships.


Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. For students this primarily means supporting mobility. The programme also supports cooperation among organisations and institutions in the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices at organisational, local, regional, national or European levels.

Here you will find a selection of projects that Trinity is currently actively participating in:

E4A: Erasmus For All

This project, led by Trinity Global, aims to increase levels of Higher Education student participation in Erasmus mobility exchange by proposing a more economically viable scholarship scheme that will allow any Higher Education students to spend part of their studies abroad in any of the 33 programme countries.

Mind Body Boost (MBB)

MBB is an evidence-based intervention, devised to support young people in managing their mental and physical health. MBB addresses issues such as social isolation, poor lifestyle balance, mental health difficulties and low levels of physical activity of young people. MBB is based on a ‘social prescribing’ model, seeking referrals from sports coaches, health professionals and educators. The partnership between mental health and physical activity services augments the traditional social prescribing model to provide holistic support to young people through a single intervention.


This project will create a cross-sectoral alliance that will bring together universities, businesses and public administrations of often non-collaborative disciplines such as urban planning and architecture, with forestry and urban ecology, as well as with socio-economic and information and communication technologies (ICT). The alliance will be the basis for the development of new training and support to students and practitioners working towards innovative urban forestry projects.


This Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence organizes events, research and teaching on topics related to European Union with the joint participation of the Department of Political Science and the School of Law.


The main objective of ACADIGIA is to accelerate digital readiness of higher education institutions towards the sustainable adoption of more online and blended approaches in education.


This project aims at updating the conceptual and ethical considerations that arise from Biomedical Big Data (BBD) collection and use.

Apply for a project

Calls for proposals are published on an annual basis. The Global Team can assist in the initial stages of an application by providing key information and obtaining signatures from Trinity’s Legal Representative for the Erasmus+ programme.

More information on this part of Erasmus+ is available on the programme’s official website and by contacting Brendan Tighe, Erasmus and International Exchange Manager,