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Future Cities: The Trinity Centre for Smart and Sustainable Cities

Enabling efficient and sustainable cities, in which citizens are safe, productive, engaged and included

The Future Cities Research Centre undertakes multi-disciplinary research that enables, promotes and facilitates behavioural change for sustainability. The research is supported by the application of sensor, communication and analytical technological solutions to sustainability concerns in urban infrastructure such as energy, water, waste management and transportation systems.

Unlike other research centres focussed on distinct elements of a Future City such as the energy grid, autonomous transport, or assisted living, the Future Cities Research Centre is taking a holistic view addressing all aspects of the challenge facing growing urban centres and involving researchers from computer science, statistics, information systems, engineering, natural sciences, social science, chemistry, arts, nursing and midwifery, business and law. The availability of a wide range of expertise will facilitate the development of technology advancement and societal change leading to more sustainable and inclusive urban environments.

Future Cities’ innovations will be underpinned by a collaborative co-design approach where multiple stakeholders (for example citizens, service providers, agencies) will  be engaged in creating solutions to real-world problems. Using this user-informed design approach avoids the development of solutions that don’t address the needs of citizens.

Last updated 14 January 2019 (Email).