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Industry Partnership Programme

Together with our industry and city partners, the Future Cities Research Centre is driving multi-disciplinary research addressing the challenges of sustaining tomorrow’s cities, including harnessing the growth potential for business, optimisation of the use if a city’s resources, reducing a city’s environmental impact, and improving citizens’ quality of life within the urban environment.

The Future Cities Research Centre is working with its industry partners to explore new business models that will catalyse change within cities while enabling new commercial opportunities, new business ventures and increased employment arising from the delivery of smart city products and services. The Centre will promote the creation of a vendor-neutral innovation sandbox based on a test-bed in which new ideas, business models, technologies and services can be developed, deployed, tested and refined with the ultimate goal of driving demand and informing policy.

Success for the Centre means active engagement and participation by industry to generate value-creating, world-class solution to the future cities challenge. Whether you are an SME or a large multinational, involved in anything form social engagement to traffic management, if you have interest in improving cities, join us –we want to hear from you.

Membership means you can:

  • Participate in shaping the Centre’s research agenda
  • Collaborate with key industry, government and academic stakeholders in Smart and Sustainable Cities
  • Help shape 3rd and 4th level curriculums, including module definition and student projects
  • Participate in researcher exchange programmes
  • Access high-quality potential hires with cutting-edge skills
  • Engage in national and international (e.g. Horizon 2020) research proposal preparation.

Last updated 14 January 2019 (Email).