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Future Cities’ educational target is to transfer to students at all levels the ability to significantly advance the frontiers of international knowledge through strong fundamental understanding, innovation and interdisciplinary insight. Trinity College currently offers a programmes distributed across its faculties that support the theme of the centre; ranging from directly-funded research postgraduate (Masters and PhD) programmes, taught postgraduates programmes, and undergraduate degrees.

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Dissemination and outreach activities in the Future Cities Centre are to a wide range of stakeholders, including urban citizens, smart city industrial players and policy makers. In order to effectively engage this range of audiences, Future Cities carries out dissemination and outreach activities through collaboration between diverse stakeholder groups, including themed workshops, conferences, user trials and technology demonstrations.

As much of the research carried out by the Centre depends on a clear understanding of the needs of end users, outreach activities focus on bringing together Future Cities researchers and stakeholders in order to facilitate a co-design process through a bi-directional exchange of expertise, knowledge and experience. We achieve this, for example, through the bringing-together of members of the general public and post-graduate students to create innovative solutions to measure/track/interact with urban mobility, smart energy, smart structures and sustainable water.

Last updated 17 January 2019 (Email).