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Martin Naughton E3 Learning Foundry

This state of the art 7,256 square metre facility, based on the main Trinity campus, will deliver new teaching facilities and an innovative interactive learning space for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Hear from our academics about the importance on the E3 initiative at Trinity

By creating a seamless and innovative integration of teaching, project work and research, the Martin Naughton E3 Learning Foundry (opening 2023) will revolutionise learning at Trinity. Graduates of this completely new education experience will be fully equipped to lead in a technology-enhanced future. To be housed in a bespoke 30,000sqm, €300m building, the E3RI is founded on the belief that the inter-dependence between the natural world and the economy can and must be a productive one. The fundamental challenge at the heart of E3RI is reconciling a vibrant economy with the well-being of the people and the planet. Its chosen research perspectives – Data; Production; Well-being; Environment; Resources; and Communities – will enable world-leading discoveries.

About E3

As knowledge grows, we understand better the effects, both positive and negative, that our way of living has on the world around us. E3 education is built on the philosophy that it is possible to have a vibrant economy while at the same time supporting the natural world and the people, societies and cultures it sustains.

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