World War One Roadshow at Trinity College Dublin

The World War One Roadshow at Trinity College Dublin, in partnership with the National Library of Ireland and RTÉ is part of a major retrospective to mark the centenary of World War 1.

This day long programme on Saturday, July 12th, will feature a Family History Collections Day where members of the public are invited to register to bring along family items, letters and mementos related to the war for cataloging for an online European archive and for reviewing by a team of experts from the National Library of Ireland.

It will include a series of pop-up talks and lectures on the Great War, and Trinity College Dublin's own unique history during this period. Music, poetry and drama events will take place during the day in the College Chapel. There will be a range of other activities including history tours of the campus related to the Great War and the 'Last Cricket Match of Peace'. The closing ceremony will finish with ‘The Last Post’ and ‘Reveille’ by the Irish Army's School of Music. These activities are free and all are welcome to what is intended to be an informative, thought provoking and enjoyable day concerning Ireland's part in World War One.

The World War One Roadshow forms part of Trinity College Dublin's engagement with the Decade of Commemorations celebrations.



10.00 – 17.00: Family Memorabilia Event (Advance registration required)

The purpose of the Family Memorabilia part of the Roadshow is to give Irish families an opportunity to bring their precious items and memories related to World War I to be catalogued, digitised, and uploaded to the Europeana online archive (Europe's digital library, museum and archive) in time for the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the war in 1914. It will be the first ever online European archive of private stories and documents from World War One. See Experts from the National Library of Ireland and Trinity College Dublin will review and record the memorabilia presented on the day for the purpose of the archive.

Venue: Public Theatre, Front Square, Trinity College Dublin

(PLEASE NOTE: The Family Memorabilia event is now fully booked and only those who have registered wil be able to participate in the Public Theatre. For enquiries please contact Sarah at 01 8963174 or Caitriona at 01 8964517.

Those who would like to contribute to the online Europeana project but are not registered to participate in this part of the WW1 Roadshow are welcome to come along on Saturday to receive advice on how to take part in the project at a later stage. Please do not bring memorabilia on Saturday unless you have successfully registered (registration was through the RTE website and closed a week ago) as your items will not be reviewed.

10.00 – 16.00: Talk to experts about exploring your family's history and connections to the First World War (no booking required)

Free advice will be provided by Timeline Genealogy Ireland, Eneclann, and

Venue: Graduate Memorial Building, Front Square.

10.00 – 16.00: Pop-up Talks (no booking required)

(Call in to learn about some of the current research on the WW1 period through a range of short, informal 15 minute talks)

Venue: Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute, Fellows Square

Archives and Research: MC Mark Duncan, Century Ireland


Mark Duncan, Century Ireland


'Manage to exist and try and be cheerful': sources in Trinity Library's manuscript collections for the history of the First World War
Jane Maxwell, Principal Curator, Manuscripts Department, TCD


"I think it is very nice of you to keep writing to me on account of me being a stranger to you", collected letters of 2nd Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers during the Great War
Patricia Antoniades, M.Phil student, TCD


Searching for your First World War Ancestors
Nicola Morris, Timeline Genealogy Ireland


Researching the Great War Using 21st Century Digital Tools
Louise Tobin, TCD


Soldiers' Wills
Catriona Crowe, National Archives of Ireland

Film and Literature: MC Catriona Crowe, National Archives of Ireland


The First World War in Contemporary Irish Writing
Prof. Eve Patten, Head of School of English, TCD


RTÉ Archives
Liam Wiley, RTÉ Archives

Histories – from the Home Front to the Western Front: MC Tommy Graham, TCD


Irish Women and the Great War
Fionnuala Walsh, PhD Candidate, TCD


Irish Australia and the Defeat of Conscription Down Under
Prof Jeff Kildea, Keith Cameron Chair of Australian History, UCD


Recruitment among Irish Railway Workers
Dr Peter Rigney, ICTU


Dublin City and the Great War
Dr Ciaran Wallace, TCD


Recruitment: Who Went and Why
Dr Myles Dungan, Presenter of the History Show, RTÉ

Legacies: MC Myles Dungan, Presenter of the History Show, RTÉ


The Great War and Irish Memory
Prof Anne Dolan, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD


Displaying WW1 in the National Museum
Lar Joye, Curator of Irish Military History, National Museum of Ireland


How World War One brings about the 20th Century
Dr Conor Mulvagh, Lecturer in Irish History, UCD

Panel Discussion: Debating the War and its legacy

16:00 - 16.45

Dr Tomás Irish, Research Fellow, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD
Dr Conor Mulvagh, Lecturer in Irish History, UCD
Ms Patricia McKenna, former Green Party MEP
Dr Anne Dolan, Deputy Director of the Centre for Contemporary Irish History, TCD
Prof Eunan O'Halpin, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Irish History, TCD


11.00 – 16.00: Lectures (no booking required)

More in-depth explorations of the Great War by some of Ireland's leading scholars.

Venue: The Printing House, TCD


Spies and Shinners: Intelligence and Ireland
Prof Eunan O'Halpin, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD


Irish Soldiers and Sailors in the Great War
Dr Myles Dungan, Presenter of the History Show, RTÉ


The Great War in Irish Memory
Prof Anne Dolan, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD


Trinity College and the Great War
Dr Tomás Irish, Research Fellow, School of Histories and Humanities, TCD


Film and the Great War: Rex Ingram
Prof Ruth Barton, School of Drama, Film and Music, TCD

10.00 - 17.00: Special access to the Trinity College War Memorial (no booking required)

Thousands of Trinity students, staff and graduates fought, and almost five hundred died, in military service during the Great War and its aftermath. Those who died are remembered in Trinity's Hall of Honour.

Venue: Hall of Honour, the 1937 Reading Room

09.30 - 19.00: 'Manage to exist and try and be cheerful' (no booking required)

A small, thought-provoking exhibition of diaries, photographs and objects from Trinity College Library's WWI research collections, curated by Aisling Lockhart of the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library. Visit this exhibition, the Old Library and the Book of Kells 'Turning Darkness into Light' exhibition and the Library Shop. Also on view is Emperor of the Irish: Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf 1014 - part of the millennium commemorations of this historic battle. Take advantage of a special reduced rate of €5.00 per person during an extended opening time between 5pm and 7pm after the Roadshow.

Venue: The Old Library, Fellows Square, TCD

11.00, 12.30, 15.00: Academic tours of the campus (no booking required)

A limited number of academic tours of the Trinity campus related to the period of the Great War led by Dr Tomas Irish and Dr Ciaran Wallace.

Meeting Point: In front of the College War Memorial, the 1937 Reading Room.

11:00 & 14.15: Echoes from the Front (no booking required)

World War 1 letters, diaries and music directed by RTE Radio 1’s Drama Department.

Venue: Trinity College Chapel

12.00: Recording of RTÉ Radio One's Sunday Miscellany (Advance registration required)

New contributions written especially for this event from Maurice Cashell, Sally Neary, Micahel O’Loughlin, John MacKenna and Mary Morrissy. To be broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1 on Sunday 3 August 2014.

Venue: Edmund Burke Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin (PLEASE NOTE: REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED)

12:00 & 16:00: Family Stories of War and Peace (no booking required)

With story teller Jack Lynch.

Venue: Trinity College Chapel.

11.00 & 14.00: The Food of World War One (no booking required)

With Domini Kemp and Catherine Cleary - RTÉ's History on a Plate team. Cookery demonstration with commentary.

Venue: Front Square.

13.00 - 16.00: Last Cricket Match of Peace (no booking required)

Trinity 4 XI vs Ashbourne.

Dublin University Cricket Club is one of Ireland's oldest and foremost clubs. Currently the only Irish University playing league cricket, the club fields 3 men's teams and a women's XI in the Leinster Leagues. The club has just completed its 177th season which has been hugely rewarding both on and off the field.

Venue: College Park, TCD.

13:30 & 15:30: Songs of World War 1 (no booking required)

Performed by the Brook Singers

Venue: Front Square.

14.00 - 17.00: Afternoon Tea (no booking required)

Enjoy traditional afternoon tea in the 18th Century College Dining Hall at a special rate of €10 pp.

Venue: Dining Hall, Front Square.

15:00: Poetry Aloud (no booking required)

Young people read poetry related to WWI. Presented by Poetry Ireland and the National Library of Ireland.

Venue: Trinity College Chapel

17.00: Closing Ceremony (no booking required)

Including 'The Last Post' and 'Reveille' performed by bandsmen Aran Johnson and Mark O'Connor from the Defence Force's School of Music.

Venue: Trinity College Chapel



Most venues involved in the Roadshow are accessible. The exception is the 1937 Reading Room which houses the College War Memorial.


There is no car parking available to visitors on the Trinity campus. Visitors are directed to nearby parking facilities off Dawson Street:

and Fleet Street, Temple Bar:


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