Dementia directly afflicts over 48 million people and affects countless millions more family members and caregivers globally. Without effective intervention, that number is expected to double every 20 years.

Global Brain Health Institute

Trinity College Dublin in partnership with University California, San Francisco (USCF), funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies, launched the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI), which will train international health providers as leaders, advocates and key stakeholders in the shared fight against dementia. All will develop skills needed in communications, health economics and policy, built on a foundation of brain health science and evidence.

The funding will enable establishing the GBHI and maintain operational support for 15 years for training 600 international leaders to effect change in tackling dementia globally.

GBHI is planning to broaden the scope and depth of activities and welcomes partners in philanthropy to secure the long-term sustainability of this unique programme, to expand its reach across geographic regions and to increase the number of trainees.

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Funding opportunities

Endowed professorships will allow us to ensure funding for faculty members who oversee and act as mentors to Fellows and Scholars from around the world. The expertise of our faculty leaders at UCSF and Trinity College is the very foundation of the GBHI.Â

Endowed scholarships will enable those specialising in dementia to participate in perpetuity in a unique project that will have an impact in their home countries and internationally.

Dementia-related research projects are a crucial component of GBHI. Funding for specific research projects will enable a comprehensive effort to combat dementia.

Scholarships will allow those specialising in dementia to participate in a unique project that will have an impact in their home countries and internationally.

Fellowships will provide an opportunity to those interested in some aspects of dementia to acquire tools to tailor their skills to helping people with dementia.

We appreciate your interest in exploring supporting this pioneering international programme. To find out more about GBHI please email Zhanna O'Clery or contact her by phone on +353 1 896 2088.

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