Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. One out of every two people will develop cancer and two out of every three people will live and work with someone with cancer.

Creating a comprehensive cancer centre

Trinity College Dublin, St James’s Hospital, Tallaght and their partners are coming together to consolidate cancer activities with a view to establishing a comprehensive cancer centre. The aim is to improve outcomes for cancer patients by providing research-led diagnosis and treatment, by developing a better understanding of cancer through interdisciplinary research, and by educating the next generation of cancer clinicians, scientists and other healthcare professionals who will contribute to cancer care in the longer term.

We have the ambition to bring together clinicians, cancer carers, researchers and educators on the St James’s Hospital campus where patients will benefit from an integrated approach to cancer care which is new to Ireland while being a model used internationally. This approach will allow cancer patients access doctors, dieticians, physiotherapists, counsellors and social workers in a patient-centred environment.

Developing new programmes

We are currently undertaking a number of programmes that will support our ambition to become a comprehensive cancer care centre in accordance with international standards. These programmes will inform the development and investment plan for cancer activities for the near future.

In the short term we seek seed capital in the region of €5 million to make leadership appointments in oncology that will drive the process of consolidating cancer care and research.

Find out more about cancer research in Trinity

To find out more about cancer research in Trinity please email Zhanna O'Clery or contact Zhanna by phone on +353 1 896 2088.

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