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Tracey Jane Cassidy with children and science equipment.

Name: Tracey-Jane Cassidy
TCD Qualifications: M.A. Natural Sciences (2002)
About: Tracey-Jane is the Founder, Owner & Director of Junior Einsteins Science Club. The club provides Science Parties; After-School Science Clubs; Science Workshops & Demonstrations; Science Easter & Summer Camps; Science Corporate Events.

Where did you get the inspiration for the Junior Einsteins Science Club?
As a scientist and a single Mum of three very young children, I see how children are fascinated by the science in everyday things. Having moved home to Ireland after living abroad for 12 years, I realised that there is not enough science being taught in primary schools here. I started running after school science clubs locally in south Dublin and with incredible, growing demand 'Junior Einsteins' has exploded into a nationwide phenomenon.

What is the biggest challenge you faced in setting up your own business?
We have been embraced and encouraged at every turn. Schools, parents and children are keen to have after school science clubs at their schools. The challenge is to take a break from creating the fun experiments and learn all of the boring administration bits of running a small business!

What female entrepreneurs do you see as setting the ideal template?
I am surrounded by inspiration seeing all of the working Mums out there doing their very best and juggling constantly. All of my siblings are entrepreneurs, as were my parents. My four entrepreneurial siblings, two sisters included are a great support knowing exactly the pressures and challenges of being your own boss. The buck stops with you-no excuses. That can be hard. I don't think there is an ideal template. None of us know what family or personal battles and business challenges any of us business women face on a daily basis. The economic tough times have brought some positive outcomes. Many of us were forced to use our creativity to survive. This bravery has great stresses and great rewards. At least we tried and will keep trying.

How do you sustain a work life balance?
I don't! Balance is something I strive towards. Thankfully, I have a super right hand woman in the office who is as enthusiastic and dedicated as I am to Junior Einsteins Science Club. I have an amazing team of scientists who inspire the children and work to make Junior Einsteins what it is today. I check emails early in the morning before we get up and out on the school run. I have several precious hours while the children are at school to work on the creative side of the business. After the afternoon school runs I have that magical quality time with the children, reminding myself that they grow up so quickly..... Then more work before bed.

Tell us about your recent collaboration with Trinity Access Programmes?
During Trinity Week 2015 we brought our amazing interactive science shows to the lecture theatres of Trinity College for primary school children. The children enjoyed the experiments such as slime, giant smoke cannons, electrocuting Barbie, elephant toothpaste and they took home an understanding of simple science concepts.

How would you sum up the Science Club experience in one sentence?
We bring the WOW factor to the science facts!