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Name: Hamish McRae
Degree/Masters: M.A. (1966) Economics and Political Science

What are you doing with yourself these days?
My main job is to write about economics for the London Independent newspaper and the Evening Standard. I also write books and most recently have become an adjunct professor in Trinity.

Why did you choose your current career?
I had a magic moment in Front Square. I loved the course in economics because it was so broad and so well-taught. But I also loved journalism and had just become editor of Trinity News. So when the first edition I had edited was selling on the news-stands, I suddenly realised exactly what I had to do. It was to put economics and journalism together – explaining what was happening in the world of economics to as many people as possible – and I have gone on doing it ever since.

How do you like to spend your free time?
Our main escape is walking in the hills in Scotland where we have a house, but in London just enjoying the massive array of cultural stuff that is going on and feeling a great sense of privilege to have it on my doorstep.

Are you still in touch with other alumni?
Very much so. Some of my closest friends go back to that time. I am also involved with the TCD Association in London and the TCD London Dining Club, so I see a lot of other graduates of all generations.

What are your strongest memories of Trinity?
Sitting on the Chapel steps in Front Square. Seeing Trinity News come off the press. Buns in Bewley’s and Carlsberg in the Old Stand – of course.  But also the sensation in lectures and tutorials of having the wonderful subject of economics and politics opened up to me by people such as Louden Ryan, David Thornley and many others.

Have you any advice for students or fellow alumni?
Only to be aware of our huge good fortune to be educated in one of the great universities of the world, in the middle of one of its great cities. I think we are all very lucky and if we can do something for Trinity, that is great too.