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These are very stressful times for students in college.  For students who are very stressed, you may wish to direct them to the workshops that are held by Student Counselling or to the Selfhelp and podcast sections of the Student Counselling website ( and  The most important advice to give students is not to do an exam if they are unwell.  Illness will not excuse poor performance.  If a student misses an exam through illness they need to submit a medical certificate to you which you should forward to the Senior Lecturer’s office.  This needs to happen within three days of an exam. 

Extra Time

Some students may require extra time for exams.  If student is registered with Disability this is taken care of by their office.  In the case of temporary disability (broken arm, etc) or illness,  you need to write to the Senior Lecturer requesting additional time stating the reason and providing medical evidence.  Again you can email using the address.


If the student has a hand injury and needs somebody to write their answers, you apply to the Senior Lecturer using the student cases address as follows  You may want to ask for a person from a similar area to the student especially if the exam deals with scientific terms.  In these situations students will be allocated a separate room and the proceedings will be taped.  It is a good idea to suggest to the student to practice giving their answers verbally. Please contact the Disability Service for advice. In some cases, use of a computer might be more appropriate.

What I do if a student turns in my office saying they were late for an exam?

If the exam is currently ongoing, phone the exam office immediately at extension 1060.  If no student has left the exam location it may be possible for the student to take the exam at a different location in the same day.  You will need to stay with the student until the time of the exam.

Grade is incorrect due to an error in calculating results

  1. Exam contained questions which were not on the course
  2. Bias was shown in marking the script


Last updated 3 September 2015 Senior Tutor Office (Email).