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Academic Appeals

A student in College, through their tutor, may appeal a decision of a Court of Examiners relating to their academic progress.

There are a number of things to note about this process:

  • It relates to matters of progress in College only and an appeal cannot be taken in relation to examination marks or assessment results.
  • Results can be re-considered in certain circumstances, in accordance with the regulations in paragraph 52 of the Calendar Part II, and this is a separate process.

There can be two stages in an appeal process:

  • An appeal must go first to a Court of First Appeal (at Faculty or School level), which makes a recommendation to the Senior Lecturer. Find more info below.
  • Recommendations of the Court of First Appeal are therefore not binding and an outcome does not have formal effect unless approved by the Senior Lecturer.
  • The decision of the Senior Lecturer can be appealed to the College Academic Appeals Committee, which is chaired by the Registrar of the University.
  • An appeal to the Court of First Appeal or the Academic Appeals Committee will be considered only if it satisfies the requirement of the precise grounds given in the Calendar Part II, paragraph 54.

Students are asked to consult the Calendar carefully with regards to appeals and to contact their tutors as soon as an issue arises.

  • In particular, it should be noted that:
  • • It is not within the remit of Academic Appeals Committee to adjudicate on:
  • 1. Requests for special exams.
  • 2. Requests to submit assignments that were to be submitted in the supplemental period.
  • 3. Changes to marks and grades.
  • 4. Carrying of failed modules while rising to the next year.

    • But it is possible for Academic Appeals Committee to consider:

  • 1. Lifting of exclusions, particularly where a second repeat year is being appealed for. However, these should really be considered by the Senior Lecturer for approval by Council. It should be noted that uncomplicated exclusions (exam absence) could be lifted by Student Cases.
  • 2. In addition, it might be possible for Academic Appeals Committee to consider requests that assignments submitted after a deadline, but before a Court of Examiners, that were not considered by the examiner, that these might be graded.

  • Appeals may be heard in person or by Zoom or similar means. The appellant may be represented by a tutor. Students may request a representative of the Students' Union to represent them as an alternative to their tutor. The student cannot be represented by any other party. Aside from the committee members, the student and their representative, no other parties are permitted to attend the appeal.

    Dates of Supplemental Academic Appeals Committee meetings

    Thursday 29th September ALL DAY and Wednesday 5th October PM ONLY, venue: Zoom - link to be circulated closer to the date. PLEASE NOTE deadlines for submission of appeals are as follows: Tuesday 27th September at 17:00 for Thursday 29th Committee meeting, and Monday 3rd October at 17:00 for Wednesday 5th October Commitee meeting. Appeals should be sent via email to Cristina Boccardo, Undergraduate Student Support Officer at