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General Information

Welcome all tutors. We hope that you find the information we have included here helpful to you in dealing with students. Please click here to review the current Tutors' Handbook. We have tried to include as much as possible but if we have omitted any information please let us know by email to

We would encourage all tutors to contact their tutees once a term by email. The Senior Tutor’s office will send you a general email that you can use as a template to send to your tutees  during each term which you can amend and make more personal. 

We would strongly encourage you to meet with your incoming tutees one by one during Fresher’s week. The STO will be in contact to obtain suitable interview times for you. 

The Senior Lecturer has a general email address at  Please include the name, year and ID number for a student when contacting the Senior Lecturer and use the relevant form. Links to the forms are available in the download section of our website.

Finally please contact the Senior Tutor’s office if we can help with any queries at 896-2551 or

Last updated 4 February 2016 Senior Tutor Office (Email).