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Can I register as a postgraduate student on a part-time basis?

This depends on whether you are pursuing, or intend to pursue, a Research or a Taught degree.

At the Research level, permission for part-time registration is only permitted, in special circumstances, to highly qualified graduates who are engaged full-time in an occupation which is related to their proposed research and which provides adequate opportunity to them to pursue their research. Special application for permission for such part-time registration must be made to the Dean of Graduate Studies and will need the written support of supervisor.

Part-time registration is available for certain taught courses. See the relevant entries in the University of Dublin Calendar Part III for details.

I am unable to study full-time at the moment due to work/family commitments, illness etc. Can I study part-time?

If you are already on the full-time research register but have obtained full-time employment you must apply in writing to the Dean of Graduate Studies for permission to transfer to the part-time register for the remainder of your registration. This application must have the written support of your research supervisor and be endorsed by the Director of Teaching and Learning (postgraduate).

If you are on the full-time research register you cannot transfer to the part-time register during, or for the final year of your registration.

For other circumstances such as family commitments and/or illness, you may need to seek permission to go off books for a defined period of time.


Last updated 3 September 2015 (Email).