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Examination Procedure

What if I am ill at the time of my exam?

Postgraduate students who consider that illness may prevent them from attending an examination (or any part thereof) should consult their medical advisor and request a medical certificate for an appropriate period. If a certificate is granted, it must be presented to the student’s Course Coordinator/Director within three days of the beginning of the period of absence from the examination. Such medical certificates must state that the student is unfit to sit examinations. Medical certificates will not be accepted in explanation for poor performance; where an examination has been completed, subsequent withdrawal is not permitted. Further details of procedures subsequent to the submission of medical certificates are available in relevant course handbooks and/or from Course Coordinators/Directors.

Postgraduate students who consider that other grave cause beyond their control may prevent them from attending an examination (or any part thereof) must consult and inform their Course Coordinator/Director who must immediately make representations to the Dean of Graduate Studies that permission be granted for absence from the examination.

The acceptance of medical disability is entirely at the discretion of the Dean of Graduate Studies, who may ask for a report from the medical officers in charge of the Student Health Service. The report will be strictly confidential to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

What do I do if I arrive late for an examination?

If you arrive late, or anticipate arriving late for an examination you should contact your Course Coordinator/Director immediately.

If they are unavailable, contact the relevant Director of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate) or the secretary in the department to whom you are attached.

Failing any of these options you should contact the Postgraduate Student Support Officer (Email) in the Senior Tutor’s Office.

What happens if I miss an exam completely (forgot, dates mixed up, was ill)?

In such circumstances you should contact your Course Coordinator/Director immediately. If it is the case that you were ill make sure to get a medical certificate from your medical advisor. This certificate must state clearly that you were unfit to attend the examination and must be presented to your Course Coordinator/Director within 3 days of the date of the relevant examination.

What if I feel ill during an examination?

If you are feeling unwell during an examination, do not leave without speaking to the invigilator. If appropriate, you will be taken to the Health Centre and your situation will be assessed. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, you may be allowed to continue with the examination.

What if I cannot write at the time of may examination due to an injury?

Should you require assistance in examinations you must discuss your personal needs with your Course Coordinator/Director in advance of the examination period so that special arrangements can be made for you. Such arrangements may include provision of a smaller, more private venue, dictation to an amanuensis, or use of a computer to type. All such arrangements are made locally by your Course Coordinator/Director with the appropriate office(s) in College.


Last updated 3 September 2015 (Email).