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Archive 2006/ 2007

Sandro Botticelli: Lorenzo Tornabuoni before the Assembly of Liberal Arts

Public Lectures

Michaelmas Term 2006

Tuesday 17 October, Dr Andrew Hiscock (University of Wales, Bangor):

  • ‘ “And with my mynd I measure paas by paas”: Poetry, the Earl of Surrey and the European Business of Remembering’

Tuesday 31 October, Dr Clare Lapraik Guest (CMRS, TCD):

  • ‘Allegory and the Pygmy Muses - Italian Renaissance Discussions of Allegory’

Tuesday 14 November, Professor Brian Vickers (President of the Society for Renaissance Studies):

  • ‘The Renaissance: the Age of Rhetoric’

Tuesday 28 November, Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey (TCD):

  • ‘Patronage and Privilege at the Court of Marguerite de France’

Hilary Term 2007

Tuesday 16 January: to be confirmed
Tuesday 30 January, Dr Gary Ferguson (University of Delaware):

  • ‘Androgynes, Courtesans and Lesbians: Women, Nature, and Pleasure in Renaissance France’

Tuesday 13 February, Dr Harald Braun (University of Liverpool):

  • ‘ “How to put Fear into the Hearts of Princes”: Juan de Mariana (1535-1624) on Tyrannicide, Law and Prudence’

Tuesday 27 February, Dr Cordula Politis (CMRS, TCD):

  • ‘The Taming of the Amazon Queen Penthesilea: Sexual Politics & Religion in the Medieval German “Rennewart” by Ulrich von Türheim’

Tuesday 6 March, Dr Alan Murray (University of Leeds):

  • ‘Women Behaving Badly? Prostitution and Illicit Sex in the First Crusade’

Trinity Term 2007

Wednesday 2 May, Dr Gerald Morgan (TCD):

  • ‘Chaucer’s Knight and the Integrity of Medieval Chivalry’

Tuesday 8 May, Professor Peter Field (University of Wales, Bangor):

  • ‘King Arthur’s Battles’

Monday 21 May, Dr Gerald Morgan and Mr Vincent Salafia (TCD):

  • ‘The Hill of Tara: The Historical and Cultural Significance’

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