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Researchers from the Faculty pursue world-leading, often multi-disciplinary research. Among their many impacts are the delivery of a more sustainable future, next-gen tech innovations and breakthrough therapeutics. Meet some of our difference-makers here.

  • Understanding and protecting sharks

  • Hunting for the secrets to greener fuels

  • Advanced manufacturing for a sustainable future

  • Chess for chemists: designing new therapeutic molecules

  • Theoretical Physics: from black holes to the Big Bang

  • Using data and statistics to inform healthcare decisions

  • Bringing the past to life with ancient DNA

  • The genes that may hold the key to fighting cancer

  • Building bio-tools to fight disease

  • Pinpointing new drug targets to treat disease

  • Understanding the natural world from atoms to galaxies

  • Making data storage more sustainable

  • Mapping Sea Level Change

  • Engaging citizen scientists in nature