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Research Stories

Research Stories

From the nicotine patch to Stevie the Robot, our world leading research has improved quality of life, protected the environment, and enriched our culture. For over 400 years, we have contributed to society through education, learning and research. Here we present a series of videos highlighting our academics and the exciting work that they do, all in a bid to make our world a better place.

Our Latest Stories

  • Making child protection policies better

  • The Cult of the Strongman

  • Making the abstract real in teacher education

  • History of Asian Languages

  • Understanding and protecting sharks

  • Building tolerant, peaceful and inclusive societies

  • How children's activities affect their wellbeing

  • Advanced manufacturing for a sustainable future

  • Chess for chemists: designing new therapeutic molecules

  • Theoretical Physics: from black holes to the Big Bang

  • Improving Development Programmes

  • Using data and statistics to inform healthcare decisions

  • Ending homelessness

  • Bringing the past to life with ancient DNA

  • Medication safety & transitions of care

  • Pinpointing new drug targets to treat disease

  • Understanding the natural world from atoms to galaxies

  • The conflict within: cognitive dissonance

  • Addiction research: biopsychosocial perspectives

  • Book collecting in 20th Century Ireland

  • Mapping Sea Level Change

  • How sense of community is changing for deaf people in Ireland

  • How the brain works: addressing mental health

  • How household resources impact child development

  • Engaging citizen scientists in nature

  • Improving TB vaccines

  • Identifying early risk factors for dementia

  • Improving outcomes for athletes with low back pain

  • Exploring social frailty among older adults with intellectual disabilities

  • The retelling of famous Bible stories in art & culture

  • The genes that may hold the key to fighting cancer

  • Building bio-tools to fight disease

  • Making data storage more sustainable

  • Impact of neonatal encephalopathy on the brain

  • How does our immune system change as we get older?

  • Hunting for the secrets to greener fuels

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