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300 Years of Growth


Trinity student wins prize at Falling Walls Lab (Science Calling Article)

18 November 2011

Special lecture on the occasion of Professor Peter Wyse Jackson being presented with an Alumnus Award as a graduate of exceptional distinction.

1 November 2011

Botany in the University of Dublin - Incubation and Emancipation”.

12 October 2011

Botany Herbarium Building Works

8 July 2011

New Research Shows that Organic Farming benefits Insect Biodiversity, Insect-Flower Interactions and Pollination of Wild Plants.

7 July 2011

Wallace's Line and plant distributions: two or three phytogeographical areas and where to group Java?

17 June 2011

Thai Biogeography group publishes critical integrative phytogeographic revision

17 June 2011

TCD botanists publish descriptions of two new endemic grass species from Thailand in the Taxonomy journal Novon

010 May 2011

TCD botanists publish key text on climate change

20 April 2011

Medicinal Plants Talk (Podcast)

Click here to hear the wonderful lecture given by Dr Henry Oakeley, Garden Fellow in the Royal College of Physicians in London on ‘Why plants have been used as medicines for the past 3,000 years’. The lecture was recently held as part of the Botany Tercentenary Celebrations.

Why the hay fever drugs don't always work (Irish Times Article)

20 April 2011

Opening of the Tercentenary Physic Garden and Medicinal Plants Talk: Unearthing deeply rooted plant 'myths' (Irish Times Article)

20 April 2011

Botanists on the Box

24 January 2011

ESF Exploratory Workshop: Socio-economic and environmental implications of energy crop production in Europe

January 20 2010

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