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3 new species of Utricularia from Thailand described in 80th Anniversary edition of Thai Forest Bulletin

12 January 2011

Photo of UtriculariaThe most recent issue of Thai Forest Bulletin (Volume 38) celebrates the 80th anniversary of The Forest Herbarium of the Royal Forest Department of Thailand. It contains an article by Piyakaset Suksathan & John Parnell in which three new species of the carnivorous plant genus (Utricularia) are described. This article completes the revision of this genus necessary prior to publication of the account of the Lentibulariaceae for the Flora of Thailand series.  The species described are tiny, lithophytic and highly attractive members of the genus and indicate that Thailand forms one of the centres of diversity for a section of this genus. In addition, a large number of new species in other genera are described, indicating that Thailand is very rich in plant biodiversity and that there remain a large number of species new to science there which await finding and description.’

Photo of Utricularia 2


Read the full article at this link (PDF)

Images: Utricularia inthanonensis Suksathan & Parnell

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