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Research Leaders

Botany today incorporates a wide range of research areas from evolution to palaeoecology to conservation here we present a brief summary of the main activities of each together with the principal investigators.

Research area

Principal Investigator

Primary activities

Biodiversity and Conservation

Dr Steve Waldren

One of the main research topics of this field is assessing the ecological functioning and conservation status of turloughs.


Dr Daniel Kelly

This research focuses on the community ecology and biodiversity of vascular plants and bryophytes, chiefly in forest/woodland and grassland habitats.


Prof. Mike Jones

This area investigates ways to mitigate agricultural GHG emissions and model plant productivity under future climate scenarios

Evolutionary Biology

Dr Trevor Hodkinson

This field of research aims to investigate the phylogeny, population genetics and evolution of higher plants.

Palaeoecology and Palynology

Prof. Fraser Mitchell

This research focuses on long-term environmental change with emphasis on the drivers and consequences of change to vegetation communities paying particular attention to climate, human impact and grazing.


Dr Alison Donnelly

This field of research aims to investigate the impact of climate change on life cycle events of both plants and animals.

Plant-Animal Interactions

Dr Jane Stout

This research field focuses on terrestrial ecological interactions at a variety of scales, including, plants and insect pollinators, native and alien invasive species, agrobiodiversity and landscape ecology

Plant Systematics

Prof. John Parnell

The main focus of this area is on floristics, especially, the floras of Tropical Asia and Ireland, including their biogeography, conservation , description and phylogeny.

Soil Science

Dr Michael Williams

This area invvolves the measurement and modeling of below ground soil processes in agricultural systems.

Water Science Technology

Prof. Nicholas Gray

The Water Technology Research area incorporates all aspects of water and its use. In particular water and wastewater treatment, river quality assessment and pollution control, and drinking water quality.

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