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ESF Exploratory Workshop

Socio-economic and environmental implications of energy crop production in Europe – So little land so many services

Trinity College Dublin, 26.-28. April 2010 (Participation on invitation only)

This workshop will develop scenarios of energy crop production in Europe to assess management and land-use change effects on biodiversity, ecosystem services and rural economy. A key element will be the identification of socio-economic factors affecting farmer interest, and the provision of appropriate guidance for policy formulation. The aim is to assess the effects of future developments on economic and environmental sustainability, to identify knowledge gaps and to inform policy decisions and management.

The workshop is organised by Jens Dauber (TCD), Michael B Jones (TCD), David Styles (Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Seville, Spain) and Martin M Turner (University of Exeter, UK)


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January 20 2010



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