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LERU (The League of European Research Universities)

The League of European Research Universities (LERU) is an association of 23 universities across 12 counties that are committed to:

  • Encouraging education through an awareness of the frontiers of human understanding;
  • Fostering the creation of new knowledge through basic research as the ultimate source of innovation in society;
  • Promoting research across a broad front, which creates a unique capacity to respond to new opportunities and problems. 

LERU conference, Lund

LERU attaches considerable importance to a number of strategic issues. One of those is concerned with Gender for which it has established a Thematic Group. Members of this group (including representation by TCGEL, Trinity College) contribute their expertise on specific topics related to their remit. They operate on an activity-driven, self-organising and voluntary basis. 

LERU Gender Launch Event at KoWi

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