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Athena SWAN Self Assessment Teams

College SAT

Prof Jane Grimson Chair
Prof Linda Doyle, Dean of Research
Prof Darryl Jones, Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Prof Vinny Cahill, Dean of Engineering, Mathematics and Science
Prof Mary McCarron, Dean of Health Sciences
Ms Geraldine Ruane, Chief Operating Officer
Prof John Coman, Secretary to the College
Mr Tony McMahon, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Ms Aoife Crawford, Equality Officer
Ms Paula Kennedy-Hogan, Deputy Director of HR
Prof Eileen Drew, Director of Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership
Ms Claire Marshall, Programme Manager, Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership
Prof Sylvia Draper, School of Chemistry SAT Convenor
Prof Celia Holland, School of Natural Sciences SAT Convenor
Dr. James Murray, School of Biochamistry & Immunology SAT Convenor
Dr. Aline Vidotto, School of Physics SAT Convenor
Ms Niamh Brennan, Library
Dr. Anne-Marie Byrne, Senior Research Fellow Representative, Faculty of Health Sciences
Mr. Shane Collins, President, Graduate Students' Union
Ms Shumane Cleary, Finance Partner


  • School of Natural Sciences: Jane Stout, Jesko Zimmermann, Prof Susan Murphy, Mark Kavanagh, Steven Coakley

  • School of Physics: Igor Shvets, Ken Concannon, Lauren Byrne, Louise Bradley, Luke Field, Pierce Maguire, Shane Bergin

  • School of Chemistry : Sylvia Draper, Aidan McDonald , Eileen Drew, Eva-Maria Dürr, Isabel Rozas, Michael Lyons, Noelle Scully, Peter Brien, Sinead Boyce, Graeme Watson, Parvaneh Mokarian, Susan Cantwell