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Mission statement

“The mission of Trinity Centre for Biodiversity Research (TCBR) is to bring together researchers from different disciplines whose research is on or relates to biodiversity. As a result of synergistic collaborative research, the wide base of expertise in TCBR will provide the critical mass and innovative approaches to deliver excellence in biodiversity research, and knowledge for education (including both capacity building and increased public awareness). Ultimately, our research will be crucial for the development of national, European and international policy and strategic recommendations to ensure global environmental sustainability.”

Farming in Thailand

Biodiversity is defined as the variability among living organisms from all sources including the ecological complexes of which they are part. It is the foundation of ecosystem services upon which human well-being depends. However, biodiversity is being lost at an unprecedented rate, which is eroding our capacity to sustain the planet. Given the recent recognition of climate change as a key driver for biodiversity loss, in association with historical challenges of habitat and land use change, the conservation of biodiversity is at the core of sustainable development. It is only through the utilisation of the living environment in a renewable fashion that we can achieve a sustainable future.

The Trinity Centre for Biodiversity Research represents a core of skilled academic researchers in the field and aims to promote innovative and interdisciplinary research encompassing all aspects affecting the natural world. The Centre is the first of its kind in Ireland and is a flagship initiative for the School of Natural Sciences and for Trinity College.

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