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Top Level TCD Links

Strategy and Objectives

What is the role of the TCBR?

The TCBR is valuable at several levels for different participants and stakeholders, including:

  • For researchers in TCD: a broad range of collaborative expertise to develop and successfully complete world-class cutting edge research
  • For external national and international researchers: TCBR comprises a hub of biodiversity expertise and facilities for collaborative research projects and joint publication
  • For researchers wanting to join TCD: established links both within and outside of TCD provide a network of experts who can provide advice and opportunities for collaboration; plus a dynamic postgraduate community whose activities, in part, aim to bridge the gap between biodiversity research and the outside world
  • For funding agencies: a critical mass of interdisciplinary biodiversity expertise to enhance the knowledge-based economy and meet the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing world
  • For decision-makers: translating biodiversity knowledge into policy instruments

For the general public/wider society: several benefits including i) a sound knowledge base, ii) a focal contact point for the media on biodiversity-related issues and iii) points of contact which can be used by individuals and civil society, e.g. to promote biodiversity conservation in local communities

Strategic vision for TCBR:

To realise the potential for the TCBR, our strategic plan is to:

  • Enhance the quality and quantity of research on biodiversity across a wide range of disciplines. This will be achieved by networking to facilitate research development, research activities and knowledge transfer across a range of levels to improve research, training and education, capacity building and policy development.
  • Intensify and expand appropriate links both within and outside TCD, in Ireland and internationally.
  • Become recognised as the leading interdisciplinary biodiversity research group in Ireland.

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