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Biodiversity Forum

The Forum is organised by and mainly for postgraduate students who are doing their research in ecology, biodiversity and sustainability related topics in various disciplines of the school or who are interested in such. The Biodiversity Forum aims to create a postgraduate community with regular meetings for various activities, including: 'Biodiversity Journal Club' in which biodiversity related papers will be read and discussed; the development of 'Self-learning Groups', which will aim to facilitate the development and application of technical skills commonly used in biodiversity research (e.g. R, GIS, PRIMER); and  ‘Working Groups’ (e.g. Community Ecology Working Group) in order to develop theoretical and practical thinking and support in specific research areas. Note that these activities will depend on the participant's needs and interests.

If you would like take part in the Biodiversity Forum or to be informed about its activities (even if you are not a TCD postgraduate student but are interested), please get in touch with one of the members of the Biodiversity Forum Organizing Committee:

Zoology representative: Yesim Tunali 
Center for Environment representative: Eileen Diskin 
Geography Representative: Shane McGuinness