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Research Funding

The TCBR receives no core funding apart from a small annual grant from the School of Natural Sciences which currently allows us to employ Dr Ainhoa González Del Campo as a Research Officer (one day per week). Funding for research comes from the activity of PIs. Research funding totalling >€7.5 million has been awarded to TCBR PIs during the period 2007-mid 2012.

Research projects currently underway which are associated with the Centre include:

  • Legume-supported Cropping Systems for Europe, PIs - Mike Williams and Jane Stout EU FP7
  • Toxic nectar and pollen: impacts on flower-visiting mutualists and antagonists and role in invasion success, PI Jane Stout, Funding SFI RFP 2010 and IRCSET
  • Plant-pollinator interactions in priority habitats, PI Jane Stout, Funding TCD studentship
  • Effects of scale and landscape structure on pollinator diversity and the provision of ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes, PI Jane Stout, Funding IRCSET
  • How Conflict and Cooperation Shape the Evolution of Social Behaviour: From Individual Interactions to Group Structure, PI Andrew Jackson, Funding IRCSET / Marie Curie
  • Linking processes to ecological patterns, PI Andrew Jackson, Funding PRTLI
  • Behaviour and foraging ecology of white-backed (Gyps africanus) vultures in Swaziland. PI Andrew Jackson, Funding TCD studentship
  • Bioplan: Implementation of an assessment and monitoring programme for biodiversity in Irish and British forests, PIs Daniel Kelly and Fraser Mitchell, Funding COFORD
  • Assessing the Conservation Status of Petrifying Springs in Ireland, PI Daniel Kelly, Funding NPWS and IRCSET
  • Assessing epiphyte diversity of tropical montane forest in Honduras, PI Daniel Kelly, Funding Operation Wallacea
  • Morphological diversity and convergent evolution of Malagasy tenrecs, PI Natalie Cooper, Funding IRCSET
  • Characterization of resistance and lignin genes in Salix, PI Trevor Hodkinson, Funding Teagasc
  • GrassMargins, PI Trevor Hodkinson, Funding EU FP7
  • Predicting ecological status of unmonitored lakes based on relationships between status, hydromorphological and land use characteristics, PI Ian Donohue, Funding EPA
  • Integrating hydromorphology into typology to improve risk assessment of Irish lakes, PI Ian Donohue, Funding EPA
  • Development of targeted ecological modelling tools for lake management, PI Ian Donohue, Funding EU INTERREG
  • The Earth and Natural Sciences Doctoral Studies Programme, PI Fraser Mitchell and others, HEA PRTLI 5
  • Integrated Biodiversity Impact Assessment – Practitioners Manual, PI Ainhoa González Del Campo, EPA STRIVE.