Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities Research Theme provides a crossover between humanist and technological methodologies, creating a network of research and collaboration through multidisciplinary scholars.

Digital Humanities offers new frameworks and modalities to explore what it means to be human. It is  methodological by nature and multidisciplinary in scope, involving the investigation, analysis, synthesis, and presentation of information in electronic form. Researchers from across Trinity collaborate in applying information and communications technologies to explore our past and understand our present.

Digital Humanities research not only creates and interrogates digital artefacts, but studies how new media are transforming the disciplines in which they are used, from publication to teaching. The computational tools and methods used cut across traditional disciplinary practice to provide powerful shared focal points ranging from the visualisation of massive and complex datasets, to the representation of our analogue heritage in digital form, to the evaluation of digital scholarship.

Particular research strengths within Trinity include digital textual scholarship and editing, virtual/augmented/ mixed reality performance, data mining and visualisation, time-series analysis and historical modelling, personalisation and localisation, digital curation, 3D worlds, and music and new media.

Research Institutes / Centres

Trinity Long Room Hub

Trinity Long Room Hub - Logo

Digital Humanities is one of the two priority themes of the Trinity Long Room Hub - the Arts and Humanities Research Institute of Trinity College, which is dedicated to promoting and facilitating innovative research across its seven Arts and Humanities member Schools.


Featured Publications & Research Outputs

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Featured Trinity Researchers

Susan Schreibman

  • Theme Champion and main contact
  • Associate Professor in Digital Humanities
  • School of English

Jane Ohlmeyer

  • Prof of Modern History
  • School of Histories and Humanities

Jennifer Edmond

  • Director of Strategic Projects
  • Faculty of Arts Humanities & Social Sciences

Mads Haahr

  • Prof of Computer Science
  • School of Computer Science & Statistics

Owen Conlan

  • Prof of Computer Science
  • School of Computer Science and Statistics

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