Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures

“Words fly, writing stays’

How is experience, memory, knowledge communicated through written records? How does format affect content? What do familiar words such as ‘writing’, ‘reading’, ‘publishing’, ‘library’ mean in the digital age? Addressing these questions in the home of a world-class library, Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures researches engage with the very ‘stuff’ of humanities.


“Written records have the power to transform the inheritance of the past into a tool for understanding the present and informing the future. Over eighty researchers in Trinity College are engaged in the study of texts and their material support, starting with the holdings of Trinity College Library and extending to collections around the world. This research theme brings the Library of Trinity College fully into the academic and educational fabric of the University.”
Anna Chahoud, Theme Convenor

A PDF version of the theme and its activities is available to download here.

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Theme Collective Aims


An inaugural one-day conference in honour of Prof. Eleanor Knott, April 2016

This proposed, bilingual conference seeks to honour a former member of staff, Prof. Eleanor Knott (1886 - 1975) and to celebrate her multi-faceted interest in all periods of the Irish language and its literature. In conjunction with the research theme Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures, the postgraduate students of the Department of Irish and Celtic Languages wish to open up a discourse about current research in the field, and advancements in our understanding, of Early and Modern Irish language and literature. The conference will take place over the course of one day and it will include nine papers from postgraduates and early career researchers.

Date: Thursday 28 April, 2016.
Time/duration: 9.00 - 18.00
Event Committee. Professor Jürgen Uhlich, Dr Chantal Kobel and Ms Christina Cleary. More information and contact details.

Early Irish Manuscripts Conference, 5th-6th May 2016

Dr. Susan Bioletti and Dr. Rachel Moss are pleased to confirm that a conference focusing on the Early Irish Manuscripts Research Project will be held in the Trinity Long Room Hub from the 5th-6th May 2016. Further information on the Early Irish Manuscripts Research Project can be found here. Further information on the conference will be made available in the up-coming months.

Fig. 1 Codex Usserianus Primus, TCD MS 55, f. 25r © The Board of Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. 2015.

The Censorship of British Theatre 1737-1843, Trinity College Dublin 2017 and Huntington Library 2018

This project will provide the first cohesive study of theatre censorship in London in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries by bringing together archival material from the Huntington Library and the British Library. The primary output will be a digital archive of high quality scans of a selection of play manuscripts, complete with editorial apparatus, that will illustrate various facets of the state censorship regime across the period. An international advisory broad is assisting on the selection of manuscripts. The project will culminate in two international conferences, one in Trinity (2017) and one in the Huntington Library (2018). The project is funded by a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant (€100,000) and a Huntington Conference Award ($25,000). The Huntington Conference Award is the first ever to be awarded to an Irish academic and will involve scholars from Ireland, UK, US, and Australia.