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Research Briefings

The Children's Research Centre has produced four issues in our Research Briefing series. The Research Briefing Series aims to communicate research findings and policy and practice messages arising from the Children's Research Centre's work. All issues can be downloaded from the links below.

  • Research Briefing Issue1: (PDF 292 KB): This study into the free time and leisure needs of young people (aged 12 to 18 years) living in four areas in Ireland designated as disadvantaged under the Government's RAPID Programme was funded by the Combat Poverty Agency, with additional funding provided by the Children's Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin. This research briefing highlights the main research findings and policy recommendations from the study.

  • Research Briefing Issue 2: (PDF 229 KB): This Research Briefing highlights the main findings and policy and practice implications of 'What is smart?', an ethnographic study conducted by the Children's Research Centre with children (10-11 years old) in a 5th class in an inner-city Irish primary school with designated disadvantaged status. This study aimed to develop a better understanding of the relationship between children's concepts of intelligence — what they perceive is 'smart' - and their motivation to achieve in school.

  • Research Briefing Issue 3: (PDF 181 KB) : The Children's Research Centre Annual Lecture 2007 was delivered by US Psychologist Professor Jeffrey Arnett, Clark University, Massachusetts on November 14th 2007 in Trinity College Dublin on the subject of his theory of emerging adulthood. Dr. Maureen Gaffney, Chair of the National Economic and Social Forum responded to Professor Arnett's lecture. An invited roundtable was convened following the lecture to discuss the policy implications of emerging adulthood for young people's career and work patterns. This research briefing summarised messages from both events.

  • Research Briefing Issue 4: (PDF 205 KB): This Research Briefing presents the key findings and policy and practice implications of Not Just Homelessness … A Study of 'Out of Home' Young people in Cork City, undertaken by the Children's Research Centre and funded by the Health Service Executive, South. The study aimed to identify young people's paths into homelessness, to examine the experiences and challenges of living 'out of home', and to make policy recommendations related to prevention, intervention and service provision. Thirty seven young people (20 men and 17 women) aged 16 to 25 years were interviewed for the purposes of the study. All were homeless or living in insecure accommodation at the time of interview.

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